Blog #174: Your (only) Job, hapless Demoblicans

Ok, Demobs, stop yer vacillating, and get on with winning a majority in both houses of our nation’s distinguished Congress! First, repeat after me, “We promise not to violently overturn Prez Trump’s accomplishments, such as his exacerbating environmental destruction, his encouraging racism and divisiveness in parts of our population, and his promoting vile, derisive language.”

Now, as we’ve encouraged you more than once (please reread my Blog 18/8/1), get on with explaining the concepts of “socialism and capitalism” to our fellow Amuricans, especially those whose education has been sparse and who have been horribly conned by that rascal, Tronald Dump. Get the faithful out for the vote…the ladies still waiting for equality and SAFETY, the kids whose futures are being forfeited by the spend-crazed Republicrats, the people whose skin is not “pure” white whose underemployment is still horrible, despite the con man’s claims, and the millions who are employed at starvation wages. The only really happy dudes are the few daddy warbucks who got the BIGGEST TAX CUT IN HISTORY! So, there are scads of folks out there who would appreciate your efforts to level the freakin’ playground! You Demoblicans were once the strongest friends of labor, and were instrumental in establishing a vibrant labor union movement, but you have somehow allowed the amazing con artist madman to convince many working people that he is their savior. Nothing could be further from the truth, although he is supporting workers by struggling through his labor-intensive golfing. You need to get back to work full-time for the working women and men of our good old USof A, and make sure they understand what will work for them – carefully controlled “capitalism” and, yes, a few good measures of “socialism!”

Golly, it must have been a rough Labor Day weekend for our lovable old Moron; not only did he have to suffer through his horrid golf games (old pap saw his swing one time, before he banned photojournalists from his golf courses), but he also had to watch his fav Fox “news?” channel broadcast all those tributes to John McCain. His infamous insult to John back during the Republicrat primaries had to be his least civil and most egregious one, and that’s going a ways, “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” That comment from a draft dodger who hadn’t even the guts to be a conscientious objector! The poor old fool, in addition to “golfing,” spent his weekend bashing our friendly neighbor, Canada!

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