Blog #178: What Happened to the Grand Old Party

My legions (yes, they are rather modestly sized legions) of faithful readers are well aware that some time ago, I renamed our two political parties because I couldn’t find a farthing’s worth of difference between them. Well, in the meantime the Republicrats have driven off the cliff, especially since the advent of “Trumpism.” Currently, their claim to “conservatism,” would have old Teddy Roosevelt turning in his grave. Lately, they haven’t “conserved” much of anything, and are spending our money as though it were going out of style. Yikes, can ya believe when Teddy was a Republicrat, they were seriously into “Trust Busting,” and other controls of the wild and crazy bankers?

The Demoblicans, unfortunately, while trying to do somewhat better for working people and the poor, just can’t seem to get organized, bringing to mind the old idiom, “that’s akin to herding cats!” Ole pap and I have been encouraging them to stop talking about our beloved Moron at 1600 PA Avenue, and promote strong positive plans. We even gave them permission to use, without any royalties, our “Ideas for Saving Our Good Old USofA,” my blog #18/6/2! I’ve tried to explain to them the urgency of their “only job” at the moment (Blog 18/9/1), plus how to properly explain “socialism” to the “folk” (Blog 18/8/1) which is promoted by their “progressive” youngsters, and is an excellent concept as long as they remember to temper it with some fiscal conservatism! This stuff is not rocket science, but trying to get those feckless Demoblicans together on a sensible message has been more than an old hound doggie and his older pappy have so far been able to accomplish. )O: Please, join us in continuing to try!

Now, a word on that old fool who they need to ignore for the time being:
He and his unraveled Republicrat enablers are attempting to rapidly devastate not only our dear old USofA, but much of the civilized world, as well. Their vaunted “deregulation” program is allowing polluters to resume their unholy dumping of toxic materials into our environment, and they are downright encouraging the “loan sharks,” a term which now applies to our biggest banks as well as the mom and pop crooks, to steal from us all.

Then, there’s the Supreme Court Nominee; if this matter weren’t so serious, the Moron’s FBI “week” would be a joke, but, of course, it is just another farce to lend credence to his awful choice. Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

Sorry to ref so many of my old blogs, you needn’t read them unless your memory is like mine and pap’s! Hopefully, all of them will be in book form soon!

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