Blog #179: Supreme Court Disaster Completes the Trifecta

Well folks, we’ve done it now! We got us a trifecta of The Moron adorning the White House, our Congress controlled by crooked old Republicrat dinosaurs, and, now, a lopsided Supreme court with a brand new Conspiracy Theorist Juror.

The Moron was foreseen by old Henry Mencken way back in the ’50’s, and he’s worse than even the old Bard of Baltimore could have imagined! As we’ve ‘splained before, the Republicrats, who call themselves “conservatives” are not conserving a thing – surely not our environment, our unity, or our sanity. So please let us not hear more, “conservatives now control the court.” With curses and spittle flying in all directions, Judge K has been installed to complete the destruction of our highest court. A real disappointment was Sen. Collins, who droned on for nearly an hour to justify her yes vote. As the other Bard said, “The lady doth protest too much, me thinks.” The only honorable pol in the whole confirmation mess was Sen. Murkowski. As the old Moron might say, “sad.”
You may well ask, “how the heck did we get here?” Surprise, we’ve got a few thoughts on that, too! Coming next week: Whaaa Hoppen??

Old quotes seem to be just so appropriate for this horrid situation, old Winston Churchill was reputed to have said, “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have tried everything else.” We seem to have reached the point where we need to step up for old Winnie. So, let’s cheer on all those dear ladies who have been harassed, abused, assaulted by the likes of Trump and his kind, as well as the kids who have lost their friends and are now losing their future due to our irresponsible legislators. Also, let us not forget those poor souls who used to work in the steel mills, auto factories, and all the other plants which have shut down due to the greed of our own big corporations. Yes, Herr Donald, that means you and your really rich pals. Better hope your “base” doesn’t find out what you’ve really been doing, or they’ll be out there marching with the gals, kids, and hopefully the displaced workers. Instead of spending $Billions on the Military/Industrial Complex and tax cuts for the very wealthy, we should be retraining our workers for the jobs of the future.

OK, you crazy old Demoblicans, get off yer behinds, and get control of both houses of our Congress. We’ve been telling ya how to do it, and here is just one more positive…instead of Trump’s empty promises of bringing back all the manufacturing jobs, talk training programs for all our out-of-jobs workers! You guys need to be the party of the future! Retire those dinosaurs!!

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