Buster’s Blog 180 – Civility? – 2 November 2018

Sorry, I had to take a break from the “fast” track out here; old pappy, my chief and only typist was turned every way but loose by the old great, great grandmama of the common cold. Dang near done the old boy in! Of course, y’all know that since we retired the old Corona, my paws don’t fit these lil ‘puter keyboards!

Anyway, lots of excitement last week; had another “bomber” on the loose (now apprehended, some fool killing 2 people in a grocery store, and another whacko killing 11 people in a Synagogue in Pittsburgh; that’s only what you see on the national telly broadcasts. Our glorious leader made a few comments, obviously written for him by his oval office helpers, about how there is no place for violence and hate in his Amurica. His biggest lament was about how those “bombs” were taking the news away from his “rallies” where he was making great strides in promoting his Republicrats in the midterms (to save his worthless butt).

Unfortunately, those crazy Demoblicans, of course, failed to take our advice…naturally, it’s almost impossible to ignore our beloved Moron, he’s in the news every day, but they could have at least adopted some sort of positive platform. Well, we’ll just have to hope for Divine help, and that poor lady has her hands full already. So, lets all get out and vote for those hapless Demobs, anyway!
You’re gonna have to vote in OVERWHELMING numbers in order to overcome the skullduggery being done by the Moron and his Republicrat thugs to suppress and distort your votes……….Grand Old Party?????

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