Buster’s Blog #181 – A “Businessman’s” Con- 2 November 2018

Ho, Boy, the old con artist is pulling out all the stops on this one in his effort to save his worthless butt. He ran for President of our poor old USofA, calling himself a VERY SUCCESSFUL Businessman, though his former business partners would tell you a somewhat different story. As we’ve mentioned before, he got the nickname, Tronald Dump, by taking their joint ventures bankrupt, and then “dumping” the liabilities on his partners’ backs. Then, as you may recall, he lost the 2016 election by almost 3 million votes, but due to a disastrous compromise struck by the founding fathers, the old fool ascended to the top job anyway. Probably the worst thing to ever happen to our good old USofA, notwithstanding the fact that the Civil War led to 620,000 military deaths, and another 50,000 civilian fatalities.

Now, his amazing business acumen has gotten our entire country into a hopeless situation of of a booming economy which is making the rich richer, and allowing most of the rest of our folks to work 2 or 3 terribly paid jobs to make ends meet.
He, of course, is not touting his wonderful economy because so many people are wising up to the fact that it only works for a few at the top. So, instead he is going all in on FEAR. He’s stoking the fears and prejudices of his base voters with the false vision of throngs of South Americans flooding across our southern border, and his propaganda arm, Fox, so-called news, is attempting to give his lies credence. In addition, to try to frighten more reasonable folk, he tweeted, “If you want to wreck the stock markets, elect Democrats, alluding to peoples’ 401K retirement plans. The fact is that his tax cuts for the big corporations have exploded our deficit horribly, while at the same time creating an impossible levitation of stock prices which is so unsustainable that the markets are sure to crash before long anyway if his misguided actions aren’t reversed real soon.

This dude is almost unbelievable, but there he is! Our only hope is to get out and vote for the hapless old Demoblicans. Then, we’ve all got to urge them as forcefully as possible to “straighten up and fly right!” They have done a good job before, and they can do it again!

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