Buster’s Blog 182 – All we have to fear is fear itself – 4 November 2018

“So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

FDR’s Inaugural Address to the nation in 1933. He was referring to the Great Depression from which we were still digging ourselves out. it was one of the worst periods in the life of our good old USofA. There was no work and no unemployment insurance or any other kind of government aid. President Roosevelt got to work initiating government programs of public works and encouraging our citizens to recovery, and then establishing social safety nets such as Social Security and Medicare.

Fast forward to 2018: We have been through the Great Recession, following the market crash of 2008. President Obama and a Republicrat Congress took the steps to get us back on our feet. Those steps were imperfect, but had the economy slowly recovering, and with the safety nets we’ve had in place since the 1940’s, things never got nearly as bad as they had in the 30’s. Along comes the Moron, disrupting everything he happens to think about, helping push through a massive tax cut for big corporations and the wealthiest of our citizens which is expanding the economy (and the stock markets) to unsustainable levels, and exploding our deficit. Now, his fearless Republicrats are planning to destroy our social safety nets to reduce the deficit of their own making. In the meantime, the Mid-term elections are here, and the madman is appealing to the fears of his supporters by spreading false rumors about the caravan of asylum seekers which is in Mexico walking towards our southern border.

Could there be a more stark contrast? Not likely, is the answer!

Tronald Dump is not only “not presidential,” he’s a monster spreading fear and disunity!

Now, you hapless Demoblicans, please follow Andrew Gillum’s Mom’s advice: “Never wrestle with a pig, you’ll both get dirty, but the pig will love it!” So, leave our beloved Moron wallow in the mud alone, and get out and vote his once reasonable but now nasty Republicrats out of office. Worry about the old Moron later!

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