Buster’s Blog # 183 – How Did We Get to This Ugly Divide? – 5 November 2018

We’ve spoken of the reasons several times before, and are re-blogging two of our pal, Tim’s explanations today. They are “I Used To Think It Was Funny“ and “One Big Lie.” Tim’s analyses are way more incisive than this old hound doggie and his older pappy could muster. They are a tad lengthy, but, please, please, read them.

NOTATION: CORRECTION…We were going to reblog old Tim’s blogs today. Howsomever, old pap’s ‘puter skills being what they are…..we’ll hopefully send them along somehow soon. They really help one understand why family members can’t even speak to one another any more!

There is no question that our beloved old Moron follows the modus operandi of “divide and conquer,” and he and his tv networks on “Fox” are striving each and every day to divide our nation. We believe our only hope now is to help the Demoblicans take back our Congress TOMORROW. As you know, pap and I are not fans of their establishment either, but they do have many women and other young people running with positive platforms for making our good old USofA live up to our lofty ideals.
Now, among many other con jobs, the old Moron is ranting that the Fed has gone crazy! Also, he is telling his poor deluded followers that if we elect Demoblicans, the stock markets will crash. No, Mr. “Great Businessman,” your crazy and stupid “greatest tax cuts” have exploded the markets way above reason, and they may very well crash, possibly even before you are impeached. BTW: You were probably too busy grabbing ladies where you shouldn’t have, to notice the Fed Funds Rate is still a puny 2 percent.

So, as we’ve been encouraging any and all citizens of good faith for some time now, go out and vote for those hapless old Demoblicans. The stakes are too high to leave the Republicrats (and their gosh-awful leader) in charge!
Sincerely, (really), Buster and pap.

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  1. Thanks, ‘Bus! ‘Apologies for the lack of a “reblog” button. Fixing that has proven to be a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. I guess I’m a bit of a old dog, myself . . .


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