Buster’s Blog Beyond #2 – National Emergency – 7 January 2019

Folks, we do indeed have us a National Emergency. We have installed a complete narcissistic moron in our White House, and he is turning our poor old country every way but loose. Further, no one has been able to come up with a plan to remove the old fool without causing more disruption of our antiquated political system than he has already caused.

So, once again, our plea to those poor old disorganized Demoblicans: Puhleez, pass a bill giving the old conman his $5.7Billion, or whatever number he is currently touting to his totally conned “believers,” to build his wall and/or other border security measures as the troops in the DHS see as useful in doing their job of securing our southern border.

You cannot negotiate or reason with this lunatic. He is incapable of logical thought. Now, you guys are acting as the fellow who kept banging his head on the wall because it felt so good when he stopped! Please, cut that out!

You may even be able to convince his “devoted” Republicrats into talking him into a resolution to the old DACA situation. Such a reasonable move could make those old “lawmakers” look almost adult, as well. After all, with no adults left in the White House, it’s past time for them (and y’all) to step up! Holding those federal workers hostage is unconscionable (of, course, the Moron has no conscience), so, this is your chance to remind yourselves and the workers that you are the party of the “working person.”

Next, you really need to work on bringing your new troops into the fold, and listening to their ideas, all of which may not be appropriate, but you’ve got to hash out your differences and have a positive plan going forward!

Finally today, please don’t let some way-right wing idiots bash socialism, it ain’t some commie conspiracy (except in the addled minds of the “theorists).” We already practice a lot of it, public schools, fire departments, police, social security, etc., with very decent results. So, you new demobs, stick to your ideals, but just be sure to be reasonable about it. We are already in hock up to our chinny, chin, chins, so we need to be fiscally responsible, too. Wow, that’s a novel idea!

How’s that, Bus?

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