Buster’s Blog Beyond – HALT THE MADNESS, PUHLEEZ – 17 January 2019

CRITICAL – Nancy, Chuck, give the old Moron the $5.7B for “border security!”

Well, we suppose this KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) remedy is too logical. )O:
You could have shut the crazy old fool up, at least for a few hours, for a lousy $4.4Billion (that’s the difference between his $5.7B. and Nancy’s $1.3B for you non-financial types)! Puhleeez, our old USofA doesn’t need this tragicomedy!

OK, you good old Demoblicans, as Flight Leftenant Fabisham’s old Commandant would have ordered, “Pull yourselves together!” We believe all your seemingly disparate factions actually have the best interests of our good old USofA in their hearts and thinking. You just need the old guard to back off a bit, bring the new kids into the fold, and coach them on the need for reason and compromise when necessary. The last item, of course, will require a bit of moderation in good old Nancy’s, and Chuck’s predisposition to “toughness!”

Then, move on to “Adult” governing! Once again, you may use any or all of our suggestions in Buster’s Blog, Ideas for Saving Our Dear Old USofA, 1 June 2018; we suggest starting by placing before the Senate, a bill overturning “Citizens United,” and restricting spending on tv political ads, and BANNING ALL DRUG ADS FROM THE TELLY!

We also strongly suggest you give serious consideration to the idea for establishing a NATIONAL SERVICE REQUIREMENT FOR OUR YOUTH. As far as we can see, it’s our only hope for reclaiming our poor besieged cities.

Also, for goodness sakes, EXPLAIN FOR OUR POOR OLD TV-CONFUSED AMURICANS, THE WORD SOCIALISM. You need to emphasize the fact that, in spite of the crap they may see and hear on Fox “news,” radical radio, and other places, SOCIALISM is not a dirty word, and it is not a commie plot! As we’ve pointed out several times before, this is merely one type of fiscal measures, using government policies to provide services for the public. Once again, we remind y’all that we have successful examples already, such as: our police and fire departments, public schools, social security and medicare, all socialist policies and very helpful to our society!

Now, we need to extend this blog beyond our self-imposed limit of one page. Despite our previous research, we were unaware of a factor apparently affecting our good old Amurican citizens. Recent reporting by Politico indicates that about half of us actually believe the old con artist’s myth about his being a “self-made billionaire” dude. Most of us, of course, realize that nearly 40% of us somehow elected him to the highest office of our nation, but that half or us still are not aware of how his dear old pappy, Fred, gave him hundreds of millions of dollars of “loans” to begin, and continue keeping his failing businesses afloat, nor of his multiple bankruptcies in which he left his partners “holding the bag” for liabilities is almost unbelievable! Holy Moly, half of us somehow still think of the old Moron as being an icon of Amurican success!

Yep, they posit this belief to be based not on any historic record, but mainly on people watching his old tv show, The Apprentice. Double Ugh! Way back when old Buster began this blog, he warned about the horror of tv, and it’s gosh-awful advertising, and the really bad effects it has on peoples perceptions of reality! Le Donald’s myth is certainly a prime, ugly example!!

Back to the present…

For goodness sakes, now old Rudy has yet again re-grooved his defense of his fav client, saying now that he didn’t mean there was NO COLLUSION, but only that it was not done specifically by his client. Good grief, this foolishness could go on ad infinitum!

You demoblican fools can stop this stupid “shutdown,” and show up the old Moron for the nutcase he really is!! As noted above, give him the extra $4.4Billion, and get on with Amurica’s business! Just put old Nancy and ancient Chuck in a closet for a bit, and show us that you guys are the Adults!

So, then, once you get our good old govamint running again, you may want to take The Atlantic’s advice, and IMPEACH the old fool. It is really sad that such a step is necessary, but there may be no other way to get the madman out of there and into the treatment he so badly needs!

Yikes, Buster, you got your old pappy into a mess down here!

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