Buster’s Blog Beyond – Our Govamint At It’s Worst – 27 January 2019

Well, your good old Gov is fully back at work. Yep, the three crazies now holding the reins of power (that would be Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, and, of course, The Donald, for those of you who are unable to follow these momentous matters on a daily basis) came together in a historic manner to reopen the approximately one quarter of our Federal Gov which has been unfunded for the past 35 days. Now, these giants of our democratic process have until February 15 to grow up and come to terms on the dude’s “wall” and a few other items, or, as the dear old Moron says, “It’s off to the races!”

Dear Nancy, for her part, didn’t look particularly “grown up” as she grinned as though she were a kitty who had just swallowed a little song bird when the poor old mentally ill President capitulated and reopened the Gov without the funding for his Border Wall. Her joy will be short-lived if a solution can’t be agreed upon before the deadline. Complicating the President’s situation was that darling of right wing radio, Ann Coulter’s assertion that he was now the biggest “wimp” of all presidents, and, of course, the “fake news” outlets all gloating over his “cave!”

The clock is ticking, and 20 days is obviously an extremely short period for these horribly disparate characters to come to any kind of agreement. Old Buster, up there in the Great Doggie Park in the Sky, and I do believe, however, that this is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY FOR THOSE HAPLESS OLD DEMOBLICANS TO STAND UP, ACT AS ADULTS, AND GIVE THE OLD FOOL THE $5.7BILLION FOR BORDER SECURITY, INCLUDING PHYSICAL BARRIERS AS THE DHS PEOPLE FEEL ARE NEEDED. After all, $5.7Billion in today’s Washington is no more than a “rounding error!” THEN, THEY CAN ACCEPT HIS OFFER OF TEMPORARY PROTECTION FOR “THE DREAMERS” AND THE OTHER “ILLEGAL” PERSONS, PLUS GET HIM AND THE REPUBLICRATS TO AGREE TO WORK IN GOOD FAITH TOWARD A REASONABLE SOLUTION TO OUR IMMIGRATION SITUATION.

Nancy and Chuck, you can’t expect any more from the poor old fellow, he is not well. You two need to set a good example for all those young people who have saved your party, and are in desperate need of Adult guidance and counseling!

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