Buster’s Blog Beyond #5 – Demoblicans, you sad sacks are our only hope…Grow Up! – 31 Jan 2019

Yikes, This is old Bus; at risk of my dispensation, I needed to jump back in! My old pappy has been trying, though to no avail, to help you hapless old Demoblicans. Tom Perez, and the rest of the bunch at DNC Headquarters only respond with endless streams of bunko emails which, of course, ask for donations. Actually, there was one staffer, who will remain unnamed for fear she would be discharged for competence, who actually answered sensibly!

Anywho, you fools and a few other wackos have embarrassed our old Narcissistic Moron; so now, try to act as though you were Adults — pass a bill in the House which provides the $5.7Billion for Border Security, including some sort of barriers or whatever he calls them today, goes along with the temporary measures the old idiot offered for the “Dreamers” and others in danger of brutal deportation, and then swear on your dear old greatgrandmoms’ graves that you’ll work yer buns off trying to get a reasonable solution to our immigration problem.

This seems to be just a tiny dose of common sense! You’ll end the old fool’s threats to spend way more to misuse the military to build “the wall,” and get the gov funded through the end of the fiscal year. How bad can that be? Come on, Nancy, it’s never too late to “mature!”

There is just no point in continuing to fight now with the poor old mentally ill fellow. If you can act all grown up for a spell, getting yourselves together, you can gain control of the Senate, too, and start bringing our sad old disgruntled states of Amurica back together, as well. It would be wonderful if this could be done in a bi-partisan manner, but, currently, the Republicrats seem unable to decide who they want to be if they ever grow up.

Oh, yes, try to sort out all those silly rascals vying for a run at being Prez. If you can find one who isn’t totally psycho, maybe you can get the old Moron “voted” out of office, and into treatment. Wouldn’t that be just swell? Right now, it’s gotten so bad, there are “jokes” circulating on the “web” suggesting the poor old fool commit hari-kari! One of your hopefuls, dear Kamala, says, “we’re better than this.” I believe she’s referring to the old fool rather than your own whack jobs, though! Please believe an old hound dog, a little improvement won’t hurt!

Take over, pap, I gotta get back before bed-check shows me missing.

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