Buster’s Blog Beyond – Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics -SOTU – 6 Feb. 2019

Ho Boy, I’m back today, helping old pap recover from yet another excellent teleprompter read by our beloved old Moron. He followed the script faithfully except for one major deviation; the crafty old devil took a shot at a “get out of jail free” card with his assertion that good legislation can’t take place amongst war, politics, or “partison investigations!”

Much of the “ghost writing” was masterful, calling for bipartisan cooperation and compromise, and declaring that the “State of our Union” is “STRONG.” Of course, there was lots of praise for “his, and his, alone” wonderful economy, touting the 5.3 million new jobs created since he took office, and the 157 million good old Amuricans now working, highest number in history. Speaking of “statistics,” I’m just wondering, could those numbers be somewhat inflated by those poor folks who are working 2 or 3 jobs just to pay the rent?

Oh, yes, he mentioned Criminal Justice reform, and had a couple of his token commutation examples there as Melania’s guests. Plus, he’s gonna protect us, never abolishing ICE, and who are those 5 million people he took off food stamps? Were they happy?? On and On, he droned, great trade deals, infrastructure bill, drug prices reductions, and even curing childhood cancer (not by stopping the environmental pollution causing illness, but with more drug research! This dude is a master at misusing statistics!

Yikes, he even praised his military successes, from WWII to the moon landing. From his draft-dodging back in the day, he now certainly loves his military!

My, my, the really bad ideas were there, too! “School Choice” to further slam our public school systems, to we’ll out-spend all adversaries on weaponry, and we’ll resolve to never let our country become a Socialist nation. Shades of good old Joe McCarthy. Apparently, old pap and my explanations of “socialism” haven’t been seen by any of those old ghostswriters!

Our old “leader” personifies old Winnie’s quip, “Terminological Inexactitude.”

Partially redeeming the evening, Stacy Abrams, up for a lil Demoblican response, said, while she didn’t agree with his policies, per se, she didn’t want the Prez to fail, she just wants him to tell the truth. Good Luck, Stacy!

Thanks, pappy, I needed that, things up there are kinda boring at times.


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