Buster’s Blog Beyond #7 – Liars’ Poker – 28 February 2019

Well, Buster, the poor old Demoblicans finally did a bit of something besides complaining about our poor old madman in the White House. Yesterday Rep. Cummings from our dear old City of Baltimore (now known as “Charm City”) chaired a House Oversight Committee hearing to allow Michael Cohen to tell his story of his association with Donald Trump and the Trump Organizations. Mr. Cohen began his testimony by calling now-President Trump a racist, a con man, and a cheat. Harsh characterizations, no doubt.

You and I, and I suspect most other people have no way of knowing for sure if our President is a racist because the term, “racist” is very difficult to define exactly. However, you have quite some time ago, in your blog, explained that Mr Trump is indeed the most skilled con man since Elmer Gantry. One, of course, needs no more proof of his great prowess in this area than to consider the almost 63 million people who voted for him in the 2016 Election, believing him to be a successful businessman, and, while morally challenged, a smart and able leader. Mr. Trump’s con artistry was also demonstrated at the hearing yesterday by all, save maybe one lonely rep, of the Republicrats on the committee grilling Mr. Cohen repeatedly to discredit his testimony. These lost souls may not be as completely conned as those poor voters, due to the fact that their Republicrat party has supported their president in order to retain his voter base. But the fact remains that many, many people have been totally fooled by this sick old man. Also, explaining their refusing to see the truth now, after listening to him tell many thousands of big, fat fibs as President, is the fact that no one wants to admit they have been tricked so badly.

As to Mr. Cohen’s assertion that our President is a cheat, one might solicit the views of his partners in his many failed businesses who were left “holding the bag” when he declared the ventures bankrupt. So, yes, there is little doubt that Mr. Cohen is telling the truth concerning his description of his former boss. Additionally, the specific illegal behavior on the President’s part seems to be credible and, to an extent, provable by the documentation that Mr. Cohen provided.

Concurrently, the “great negotiator” walked away empty-handed from his second big summit with his new best friend, Kim Jong-un.

So, we know our President is mentally ill, but what can be done about it, pop?


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