Buster’s Blog Beyond # 13 – To Impeach, or Not To Impeach? – That is the Question! – 22 April 2019

Our Dear Old Demoblicans: It is time to Fish or Cut Bait! Mr. Mueller gave you a great many facts, most of which show our current resident at 1600 PA Avenue to be unfit for office (even after the “required” redactions). Your wonderful candidate, sometimes known as “Pocahontas,” has immediately publicly declared her vote to IMPEACH! As Senator Warren said when announcing her decision, this is not, and should not be a “political” call, but, rather, an ethical one. Mr. Trump’s every effort is to enhance and protect his fortune, not that of our dear old USofA! His policies are promoting fear and division among our citizens, and aiding in the destruction of our environment and that of the rest of our world, as well. His one positive achievement (according to him) is our economy. This claim is a total fraud; the economy has been expanding nicely since the Federal Reserve bailed it, along with those crafty Bankers, out of the last crash in 2008. Mr. T’s loverly contribution was the completely unwise tax cuts for massive corporations and our wealthiest taxpayers. These tax breaks have only juiced up our national consuming habit (due to the rather sneaky front-loading done through reduced payroll withholding tables), and sent our National Debt soaring up to over $22 Trillion bucks! That’s over $181 thousand per taxpayer!” The supposed business investment in jobs wound up being stock buy-backs to enhance those same delightful corporations’ stock values.

So, now the stock markets (with your IRA’s, which Mr. T. likes to tout) are all set for the next crash, and as we’ve mentioned before, the tools for saving our financial system have all been used up to resolve the last couple of crashes!
Gosh, aren’t our kids a lucky bunch; we’re leaving them the most monstrous debts in the history of this world, and few of us are worrying about it.

Those courageous Republicrats have completely abdicated even any notion of responsibility in order to protect their beloved Moron. Guess what these legislative geniuses say is wrong with IMPEACHMENT… “IT WILL DEVIDE THE COUNTRY!” You fools are too late…where have you been living? Mars?

So, if you dear old Demoblicans don’t stand up with Senator Warren, and do the right thing, as well as prepare in every way possible to recover our poor old govamint in November 2020, there’s little hope for our children’s future. We believe the vast majority of our fellow good old Amuricans will vote to save a home for their kids. You, sometimes hapless, folks have the task now of making sure they are aware of and understand this scary situation. Actually, when one ponders a situation where every one of you crazy Demoblicans stands and votes for IMPEACHMENT, it will be a signal for our poor old bedraggled voters, indicating that perhaps trustworthiness CAN be restored in our dear old town of Washington, D.C. Of course, you’ve got to have, and let the voters know about, some good plans to save our battered old country. We’ll help ya all we can, but it is up to you to lead the way!

Regarding Senator Elizabeth Warren, ya might wish to revisit my blog #29, A Lady who could, and probably should, be our next President, from 2014.
Senator Warren, or “Pocahontas,” if you prefer, certainly knows the bad guys in our system, and has the “fire in the belly” to go after them, plus has already been doing a great deal to help working people avoid the harm the rascals wish to do to consumers and everyone else in our dear old country.

So, OK, you hapless old Demobs, here ya go: YOU MUST IMPEACH & SHOW US YOUR PLANS FOR SAVING OUR GOOD OLD USofA. IT’S NOT A QUESTION OF EITHER / OR, YOU GOTTA DO BOTH! JUST VOTE & PLAN!! Show us long-suffering citizens that you care more about our USofA than just about your, sometimes useless, butts!

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