Buster’s Blog Beyond #14 – Executive Privilege vs. The Press – 29 April 2019

Pappy, it’s a shame the BIG Guy missed the White House Coorespondents’ Dinner (again), and banned his helpers from going, as well.  You are correct, Buster, he may have learned something during that amazing Hysterical review of some of our past presidents which Ron Chernow joyfully presented, in place of the usual disparaging “comedians.”  Yeah, pap, but how does a dude who thinks he knows everything learn anything?   By gum, Buster, those folks in charge up there in the Great Doggie Park are a whole bunch more astute than the fakers running things down here.  Allowing you the special dispensation to aid me continue yer blog has been so helpful.  We can only hope those disorganized Demoblicans can get their act together, and retire the old Fraud!


Do y’all really wish to live in DARKNESS? Probably not…then ya better get to work ending this ugly trumpian era!  Thanks, Buster!
At the same time, the good medicine of LAUGHTER has seldom been more necessary:  (ain’t it the truth, pappy?)
A screenshot from Buster’s amazing artist lady (not her drawing): 

However, the king’s behavior is no longer just over the top…it is now UNDER THE SEWER, encouraging fear and hatred, full time! 
Buster, you have nailed it again!  Yeah, then how bout one of those healthy treats, pap?

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