Buster’s Blog Beyond #15 -Our Beloved Moronic Fraud – 20 May 2019

Gosh, pap, remember when old General John Kelly became the old fool’s chief of staff, and was attempting to get him to at least act a little bit presidential?  Yes, Buster, we thought we could just ignore him until Mr. Mueller’s report exposed his “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  Of course, the report did just that, but the slick (as well as sick) old con artist got that unprincipled Billy Barr dude to falsify the conclusions of the report in a brief summary and hide the worst parts in so-called “redactions.”  Even the remaining parts of the report would indicate to any reasonable person that our president attempted in every way he could to “obstruct” the investigation, and, of course, he still refuses to take measures to stop Russian interference in our forth-coming elections.
Every day is a new adventure, an adventure dreamed up in the darkest recesses of the old rascal’s troubled mind.  Now he’s even found that his daily torrent of tweets can move the financial markets up and down, drastically, and he seems to be taking great pleasure from doing so!  He’s also found many options to distract attention away from his dastardly behavior; among them, Iran, Korea, China, and Venezuela.  He was initially very impressed with General Officers, but the shine seems to have come off that charm, and he’s remembering his failures at that nice military school his pappy thought might “straighten him out.”  This situation could prove to be extremely dangerous since he may believe his directing a nice little war would dissolve the memory of his draft-dodging back in the day!
Ho Boy, pap, and now he did another excellent teleprompter read to present his “terrific merit-based” immigration plan.  Something about only admitting the “best and brightest,” similar, I suppose, to what he’s done with all his “brilliant” choices of cabinet members. He doesn’t want any more of those cheap, undocumented workers he has been abusing at his Mar a Lago place…those deals are only for him!  Yikes!  Plus, he’s still totally ignoring the poor DACA kids and the millions of undocumented hard workers already here in our dear old USofA.
Yes, Buster, old dawg, this nasty fellow is so mean and stupid that he’s certainly not comical any more.  Finally, some information from his tax filings has been reported, showing that there was a period of about 10 years when he lost more money in his failed business ventures than any other taxpayer, and then used those losses to avoid paying any taxes for many years after.  No wonder he wants to keep his tax returns secret!  You were so correct in making your very first blog about education, way back over 5 years ago.  The ignorance of large swaths of our population, which allowed his con job of saying he was a very successful Biz dude, is a direct result of our inadequate schooling.  The fact that good old Fox “news,” and the idiotic radio nuts such as old Rush Limbaugh are there every day to hood-wink the poor souls sort of finishes the job!  Remember when you tried to warn them, and told them how he got his nick-name, Tronald Dump, due to his many bankruptcies, where he “dumped” the liabilities on his business partners?  We’re still wondering how he was still able to use those losses to avoid paying taxes for so long.  No question, he’s one clever crook!
The fact that he’s mad as a March hare, though, can’t be allowed to excuse him for trying his best to destroy our dear old USofA, not to mention the rest of the world.  He needs to be gotten into a treatment facility for mentally ill persons!  Hopefully, enough of our “dedicated” politicians, who normally only think of their own worthless hides, will come to the realization that our very democracy is sorely threatened by this selfish old moron.
Oh, bye the bye, If yer somewhat concerned about ole Johnny Bolton’s hawkish stance on Iran, please keep in mind that Mikey Pompeo is also vying for the crazy old Prez’s attention.  Mikey recently nixed a joint resolution at a summit of the “Arctic Counsel.”  While most members used their speeches to warn of the dangers of melting permafrost and warming seas, our prescient Sec. of State emphasized the upside of Global Warming, mentioning that the “melt” is opening new passages and new opportunities for trade.  He added that the Arctic, which holds 13 % of the world’s undiscovered reserves of oil, is a land of “opportunity and abundance.”  So loverly, this old rascal is just like his boss, always looking at the bright side!
In the meantime, some old Republicrats are warning that the “vegan fascists” want to take away, not only yer guns, but yer burgers, too, because of recent discussions regarding cattle “emitting” yuge amounts of greenhouse gases!
Holly Guacamole, pappy, isn’t there any good news we can report?  Well, Bus, it is hard to come by, but I saw where “The Mueller Report” sold some 43,000 copies the last week of April, topping the NY Times best seller list.  That should put a few bucks into the gov’s coffers to help with the ballooning deficit!
Good Grief, pap, you had to stretch a bit for that one, didn’t ya?  (O:
OK…How about this…He’s abandoned the corporate boondoggle infrastructure deal.  Now, perhaps we can get the fools to adopt your national service plan!



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