Buster’s Blog Beyond #16 – Is Anybody There? – 23 June 2019

We’ve had another couple of typical mornings on the boob tube.

Good old CNN’s calmly reporting that there was activity at the White House
Thursday night way past bedtime (till maybe 9PM), with the Vice President and other dignitaries scurrying around. Seems our old Beloved Moron had ordered military strikes against Iran, but then called them off! Just part of his “long-term” plan, according to his pals on Fox. Meanwhile, dear old MSNBC shows us a recent “poll” indicating that 37% of us (we suppose us Amurican voters) think Tronald Dump should be given another term in office, mentioning our “near perfect” economy?!? Oh, yes, old Fox also threw in a bit more condemnation of those awful Demoblicans, with one of their stalwarts (this one a tad dumber than even young Tucker Carlson) his mouth agape, shouting, “the left is pro-illegal,” over and over, again!. Then, of course, all “news” programs give way (every 3 minutes of so) to those “important” messages, urging you to “lose 13 pounds this week,” or “invest here,” or “tell your doctor,” perhaps about those meds you heard would fix your “ED,” as well as informing us about KFC introducing Freetos into their Chicky Sandwiches!

How in the world did we ever manage to get through a day without our beloved tellys, or for that matter, without our beloved “reality tv” moron?!? Pappy, if this old dude ain’t as nutty as a fruit cake, the Pope has left Rome, and moved to Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, Martin Luther’s home town! How the heck can the Amurican Society of Psychiatrists continue to doubt my diagnosis of EPPS (Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome)? Buster, my dear lad, your guess is as good as mine!?

Here’s another interesting tidbit for ya, Bus: I read this from the Pew Research folk:
“Large majorities of Americans say the tone and nature of political debate in the U.S. has become more negative, less respectful, less fact-based and less substantive in recent years. And when it comes to respect and compromise, Republicans and Democrats set higher standards for politicians in the other party than for those in their own.”
Could those crazy pols be just reflecting our own stupidity??

Imagine that; as old Pogo said many years ago, “we has met the enemy, and he is us!”

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