Buster’s Blog Beyond #22 – He’s Gone Too Far – 7 October 2019

Yikes, pappy, I know yer really busy, and ya been snake bit ever since ya left ole Boy-C, but I know you will feel obligated to mention this latest, unforgivable faux pas by our beloved old Moron.
You’re correct, Buster, he’s outdone himself this time. I mean it’s one thing to go around using the enormous powers of our presidency to encourage our big corporations polluting our environment, as well as running our national debt up to levels threatening our entire financial system with his loverly tax cuts to those same corporations and our small group of really wealthy individuals. Not to mention his alienating our allies, and aiding and abetting our avowed enemies!

Howsomever, these latest brilliant moves in his not-so-smart trade “wars” kind of take the cake! For goodness sakes, he is placing yuge tariffs on, can you believe, French wines (he likes Amurican wines better, though he’s never tasted either one – he just likes the designs on the bottles better), Italian cheeses, and (save us, dear mother) Scotch Whiskey, which he hasn’t tasted either! This old fool is as crazy as a magpie tripping on blueberries! Then, there’s the theory about he and Melania being those aliens folks claim came from the spaceship!

King Loon06741951-B15D-46C7-8B8C-4A990BC9E5DC.JPG

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