Buster’s Blog Beyond#23 – Columbus Day, Celebrating Infamy – 14 October 2019

The bloody inbox is full of, you guessed correctly, Columbus Day Sales…appropriate, we suppose, for commemorating the beginning of the ruination of a pristine continent! Why stop now? If you happened to have had the temerity to read and thimk about my blog beyond#18, Labor Day, and other bunk (in case ya missed it, we’ll try to pull it in here), you are aware of the sordid history of our initial “settlers.” Our native inhabitants have, accurately, adopted the slogan, “Fighting Terrorism Since 1492.”

Now, our Beloved Old Moron wants all those people “who don’t belong here” to go back where they came from…this just happens to be one of his patently inane ideas with which our Native Americans could certainly be 100% in agreement with the crazy old fool!

Mercy, pap, as we’ve mentioned before, the old loon has juiced up the financial markets, together with the “economy” to the point where the next crash may be inevitable, as well as completely devastating! Plus, of course, his trade wars and other brilliant MAGA ideas are likely to trigger the bust, and we’ve used all our “fiscal AND monetary” tools on the last one.

Holy Guacamole, Buster, as if our kids didn’t have enough to worry about, the European Space Agency just announced a “non-zero” potential for a collision between Asteroid 2019 S43 and our dear old Mother Earth on 16 September 2084! S43 is estimated to pass within 73,000 miles of our poor old planet.

Buster, we mentioned that “theory” some folks are discussing about old T. Rump and his loverly bride, Melania, being aliens who landed here in that space ship they’re always talking about, which our old govamint is hiding out in the desert some place. Yep, we did mention it, pap, but that’s a rather far-fetched conjecture. Howsomever, our good old First Fool is cheerfully helping our big, bad corporate chieftains pollute our only home so rapidly that another “theory” seems to be gathering steam. This one envisions aliens from a distant galaxy coming to annihilate our entire human race before we can spread our plentiful wastes out into the whole dang universe!

“Never forget 7/11.” T. Rump.
Good Grief, pap, let’s get outta here!

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