Buster’s Blog Beyond#24 – China & other Sxxx-Hole Countries – 30 October 2019

Hey, pappy, we were busy discussing a lil of our sweet old USofA’s exciting history a couple weeks ago, and unfortunately had to ignore the rest of our poor old world. True, Buster, did you see that China celebrated it’s 70th Anniversary of “The People’s Republic?” As with most things in the history of us old human beans, it depends on who happens to have scribbled the story as to whether that was a good or less good thing! One thing’s for sure in China’s case, despite what our beloved old moron may tweet, it has come from a truly miserable state 70 years ago to a booming economic leader today. Are their “citizens” better or worse off than are ours? Again, it depends on who’s telling the tale!

You got that right, pappy, as to the rest of the “Others,” Africa and the Far East have never gotten much respect from the “civilized” world, though more recently our “cheerfully corrupt corporate chieftains” have found many places over there to be perfectly adequate for manufacturing their mercantile “treasures” which they pawn off on our unsuspecting and voracious consumers!

Hey, pap, how about I go ahead and coin that lil phrase, “Our Cheerfully Corrupt Corporate Chieftains.” “CCCC,” it has a certain ring to it, don’t ya thimk?

Come on, Buster, yer ego’s growing…you’ll be tweeting as foolishly as old T. Rump! We better get outta here!!

Hey, pappy, hang on a dang minute…here’s an item just in from yer fav rag, er..mag:

Recently, the good old Paris Zoological Park unveiled “the Blob,” a small, boneless, single-celled being that’s not a plant, animal, or fungus. “It surprises us because it has no brain,” said Director Bruno David, “yet it is able to learn.” Pappy, this may be yet another plausible explanation for our dear old beloved Moron’s origin!

OK, Buster, now I’ll have to mention a new poll showing 72 percent of those ever tolerant white Evangelical Protestants now believe that a person who commits “immoral personal acts” can serve effectively in public office. That figure has skyrocketed, for some reason, from a mere 30 percent in 2011.

Bonne Nuit, y’all, Bus and pap.


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