Buster’s Blog Beyond #31 – SOTU or T. Rump Ad? – 6 February 2020 

Good Morning, pap, please allow me to describe perhaps the worst SOTU ever.
Go right ahead, Bus!
Currently, our battered old Union is in name only, the nasty old madman has successfully exacerbated the political divisions between our population to new highs.  Last night, the old fool put on a big show using little children, ill people, old and young soldiers, anyone, as “props” to promote his YUGE CON about the success of his “presidency.”  The speech was another carefully worded (by someone else) but tedious read-out of a long litany of FIBS, both large and small, all touting his dubious accomplishments.  This unabashed commercial was completely devoid of reality.
The CROIX DE GRACE came as a “presidential medal of freedom” bestowed by the first lady upon, none other than, Rush Limbaugh, the old King of Diatribe!
The old Moron went on and on, promoting the idea of private schooling to replace our public schools with public financing.  He didn’t mention his old, now defunct, Trump University, one of the biggest con games ever devised to separate young people seeking education from their money.
Pappy, this recitation of fibs will eventually become a ridiculous footnote in the history books, accompanying the old fool himself.
Bravo, Buster, succinctly done!  The only bright spot of the evening was the brief Dumicrat response by Gretchen Whitmer, the current Governor of the great state of Michigan.  I kinda wish she were running for Prez.
Well, stay tuned to yer trusty telly for more BIG TOP infotainment when the Senate “exonerates” the old crook this afternoon.
Yikes, pap will this nightmare ever end?
Only if our young people get involved, and of course vote like mad!
POTUS illustration

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