Buster’s Blog Beyond #33 – Debate or Schoolyard Fight? – 16 March 2020

Well, pappy, I gotta hand it to ya!  You watched that entire bloody farce last night, only muting the tv during the horrid commercials.  I really appreciate your endurance, especially since we haven’t been able to post a word for over a month due to ‘puter troubles, danged digital age!

Thanks, Bus, it was a long misery, but we saw this absurdity during the ’16 travesty of an election, and I’m sure we’ll see a lot more before November, unless our beloved Moron at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue decides to cancel the election, following Dear Leader Putin’s example.  Actually, Bernie and Uncle Joe conducted themselves well, but the unbelievably stupid “moderators” used their equally ignorant questions to solicit critical attacks from the participants.  For the most part, the guys ignored the sought after feuding, but did get into some heated scraps. Joe tried to emphasize his steady-as-she-goes manner, which is probably why he’s ahead in delegates, while Bernie wasn’t quite able to temper his “revolutionary” nature.  CNN stretched the crazy thing out as far as possible, interjecting their ridiculous advertisements often enough to make a maggot puke.  It’s no wonder our ‘telly addicted fellow citizens are barely able to thimk at all. 

Yikes, pappy, that was a long hard night.  Thank goodness they don’t allow such foolishness up here in the GDP.  You forgot to mention that while Bernie did continue pounding his rather intransigent positions, he is adamant about trying to resolve the really big challenges facing our poor of USofA, and well as the whole planet.  You said he went after them as a hound hound doggie would: Climate Change and the unprecedented level of income and wealth inequality.  I’m sure glad many youngsters recognize them with him, because as we’ve warned many times in the old Blog, if something doesn’t change soon, there won’t be a planet on which  to live! 

Yep, yer absolutely correct, Buster, I sure hope the hapless Dumicrats realize that they need to incorporate some of Bernie’s ideas and passion.  Then, they’ve got to convince him and themselves to look at our National Service Plan for our kids, rather than just advocating free college for all, the idea which certainly won’t play in Peoria.

OK, pap, you better try to wrap this lil blog up, and get some sleep tonight!

Y’all take care, now, and stay safe during the pandemic,

Buster (in absentia) and pappy.

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