Buster’s Blog Beyond #36 – Wha hoppened to Fox “News?” – April Fool, 2020

fox still2
Hey, pap, I remember way back when I asked you to watch Fox so called “News,” so we could try to understand how so many of our fellow citizens got so confused. That was back before they were totally enamored of the old Beloved Moron. Could they have   reformed?  (see photos old vs 2020- the two doofuses and a chick seem a tad different, that gal is all “buttoned up!” now)  It may be more likely that the wives of the old codgers who loved the miniskirts took their remotes away!
fox new copy
One thing’s for sure, this tv icon ain’t getting truthful!  Recently, Fox “business host,” Lou Dobbs, one of their “honest, fair, and unafraid reporters” conducted a “scientific”poll of his audience about President Trump’s leadership during the pandemic. Viewers were asked whether they considered Trump to have been “Superb,” “Great,” or merely “Very Good.”  Yikes, are these “viewers” alive?
Lil update on “stable genius” Bolsonaro:  Brazilians took to their balconies for non-street protests, banging on pans and shouting, “the virus will surely pass, but the incompetence of the president is incurable.”  Does that sound familiar?
Oh, BTW:  Boris and Brexit are having great success in GB, no workers allowed in, so no farms working!  Thank goodness for dear old Angie Merkel.  A rare logical leader in this goofy time (she’s a scientist, too)!
Well, Bus,  It’s bizness as usual for the old YOM (Yuge Orange Moron – synonymous with Yuge Orange Monster)!  His amazing administration is still doing a heck of a fabulous job of managing this “Chinese” virus.  He knew it was a pandemic right away, but it took him a couple months to look up that tricky word because the cleaning crew misplaced his dictionary.
During that critical period of his denial, blaming, and indecision, the virus got a tremendous opportunity to grow and spread here in our old USofA.  Had he listened to his advisors right away, the plague may have been stamped out before it got going here.  Can you believe old Lou Dobbs BS above?  Rump is a doofus as sure as those Fox idiots, and should join them…then, the 67% of us who don’t watch Fox Bunk wouldn’t be exposed to his never ending Yuge Fibs!
Editor’s Note:  This could be easily accomplished by the “fake” news stations not carrying his “briefings,” and just broadcasting the Doc Fauci portions!  That’s what Fox does, but they just clean off his rantings, leaving only the one or two words of actual truth which slip out of his jaws, and show their poor conned “viewers” a “nicer” version of the old Moron.
Yikes, for sure, pap, we’ve said that the situation was getting “surreal” a number of times since Rump showed up.  Check this, the CDC and the WH Coronavirus Task Force are considering urging all of us to wear masks.  Just where would they suggest we find such equipment when hospitals can’t even get them? Speaking of the “Task Force,” the YOM announced he has made arrangements with the top people in Walmart and a few other retailers to buy lots of equipment and send it directly to hospitals, bypassing the govamint stockpile to save time.  That was right after he spent the first hour of the “briefing” to tell us about all the progress his Mexican partner is making in stopping illegal drugs from coming across the border.  What the heck does this have to do with the virus?  Oh, just complimenting himself for another job well done, and when that bloody wall gets done we’re home free!  This clown’s theme song should be, “The Great Pretender!” We’ve gone beyond “surreal!”  That’s not even mentioning dear old perfectly coiffed Mikey standing there nodding and waiting to parrot the boss!
Gosh, Bus, we’re forgetting another great move by the old YOM.  He complimented the Florida “Minister” (Evan Gelly Dude, no doubt) who is still bringing his flock to his Mega Church every Sunday.  Can’t shut that baby down and lose all those “offerings” every week!  Now, Rump saw only the man’s sincere devotion to his pastoral duties, plus, pointed out how much the guy loves Jesus!  In that same “briefing,” he also pointed out how the drop in oil prices is just like a great tax cut for our citizens.  Guess he forgot that we can’t go anywhere!  As you’ve exclaimed so many times, Buster, “YIKES”

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