Buster’s Blog Beyond #37 – Treason – 20 April 2020

Buster, lad, since we began this blog, back in 2014, we’ve been careful to avoid foul language and unproven theories.  Yep, I think we’ve been very successful, too, pap, whatcha got in mind?
Well, Bus, yer wonnaful artist lady sent me a link to a rather credible conspiracy theory, and I believe it is worth discussing right here.  Ok, pap, let’s have it!
OK, we’ve been viewing the mean and ugly old Rump fellow as though he were just a crazy, bumbling old fool, but there is another plausible explanation for his reprehensible behavior.  There’s no question that he was a terrible businessman, going bankrupt numerous times, slamming his partners with the business liabilities, but where did he get the money to keep going?  This theory says, very logically, that he has been a “front man” for the mob, laundering its dirty cash for most of his life.  From there, it was just a minor leap to begin seeking and receiving old Vladimir’s ill-gotten funds, to the point where he is now an “asset” of the Russian oligarchs!
Yikes pappy, he probably loves that title, “asset,” it’s something he’s alway sought, mostly unsuccessfully, and much nicer sounding than the names most of us old Amuricans reserve for him.
Right Bus, and as an asset of old Putin, he is obviously a traitor to our poor old USofA, explaining his actions we described in Blog #34 – Existential Menace.  Those horrid moves to destroy America’s institutions and credibility were not just displaying his abundant stupidity, but, in fact, were brilliant moves ordered by that cagey former KGB agent, dear old Vladimir Putin!
So, pappy, you’re saying that in addition to being a bone fide Dark Triad Man, the old fool is a stupefied puppet of the cagey old KGB agent.
Dark Triad
The Dark Triad  In psychology, the dark triad refers to the personality traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. They are called “dark” because of                          their malevolent qualities.
That’s correct, Bus, and as a traitor to our good old USofA, and a murderer of thousands of our citizens by his mishandling of the coronavirus crisis, as we’ve noted before, he should not be impeached, but, rather, hung by the neck!
The author of the “asset” theory is Greg Olear, and while I can’t find definite proof of his theory, it certainly makes more sense than standard explanations!
Va Cicero Treason
Yo, pappy, I am compelled to add a couple more scents to this discussion. No doubt the old confirmed coward playing Commander – in – Chief, has been leading, from the Rear Echelon of course, a full and devastating retreat.  Yet it is hard to believe he could think up the many treasonous acts he has committed in just three years all by himself.  Old Vlad, himself, couldn’t have done more harm to our good old USofA!
This fellow, Olear, a novelist by trade, has put forth a theory which is so reasonable, it’s hard to ignore.  After disastrously messing up our response to the coronavirus, our old Moron is encouraging insurrections by a few screwballs in States led by Dumicrats! He is just not smart enough to think up such crazy skullduggery. Old Vlad must be steering him to being a traitor with a capital T!
Bus, lad, I’m not trying to up-stage ya, but this lil fiasco from last night’s “I da man” Rump “Task Force” show” needs a comment!
The old fool was blowing his horn as usual when the “media” came alive asking him “real” questions.  They have finally recognized the real dude: Bully covering up ugly coward!  (Yep, they finally remembered that all bullies are just cowards in hiding…they go together like the proverbial horse and carriage. Anywho, they started standing up for TRUTH, and the old Moron went wild, again.  He called one gal as many mean names as he could think of, and told another guy that he didn’t have the sense he was born with!  Loverly!  If the press corp keeps this up, he’ll be cancelling the “Task Force!”

Yikes, pap, old Vlad must have been taking gas.

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  1. That Russia has dirt on Trump is a virtual certainty. And yes, there’s a trail of Russian money to the Trump organization. They were the only ones who would lend to it after its myriad bankruptcies and failures. There’s a reason we haven’t seen his tax returns or other conflict disclosures, and never will without a fight. It all reeks.


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