Buster’s Blog Beyond #42 – On Retaining Hope – June 15, 2020

OK, Buster, Dear Lad, I’m typing as you’re gripping, puhleeze, try to have a little patience.  Yes, I know what yer thimking, “With the world on life support, this is no time to be patient!”

Well, Pappy, way back on May 11, in my blog #39 we spoke of Hope, and thinking of the awful Covid 19, left it with the thought, “Just maybe, we are all scared enough of dying together that we’ll want to seek a better way to live together.”

Right, Bus, and since then a black man, George Floyd, was murdered by a Minneapolis policeman, an event which, had it not been that it was recorded and played repeatedly on those beloved tv sets would likely have been swept under the rug as has happened in so many similar cases.  During the demonstrations protesting police brutality, following George’s murder, our president decided to take a photo op and go to the church which had been damaged and hold up a Bible to show his e-van-jelly supporters his religious devotion.  Then, probably prompted by his politically savvy son-in-law, he declared himself as the “Law and Order President.”  What a wonderful banner to fly for his upcoming election.  Of course, he also threatened to order the country under Martial Law.  We can only hope he is not looking forward to a Tiananmen Square moment to prove his staunch resolve.  I imagine that he feels it below his station to show any empathy for the plight of African Americans ever since they were brought in chains to work in our cotton fields.

Dear George, as your younger brother said at your funeral, there are many, many millions of us who are hoping your death will not be in vain, and, finally, all of us stupid human beans will realize that we are all in this fragile boat of life together!

Rest in peace, our Brother.

Maybe, hopefully, your legacy will be that these ostensibly United States of America will finally begin to live up to their lofty original “promises!”

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