Buster’s Blog Beyond #43 – Hope – Not Easy to Hold – 15 June 2020

Well, Buster, as usual, you were correct, patience is not possible anymore!  I barely got your Blog #42 typed up, when news broke of yet another black man being gunned down by a policeman in Atlanta.  Rayshard Brooks had failed a sobriety test, scuffled with a policemen, grabbing his taser, and ran away.  The policeman shot him in the back as he was running away.  Another case showing clearly that our policemen need better training.  Congresswoman Karen Bass of California makes another excellent point:  She was interviewed, on Fox Alternative News on Sunday, and stated, “You hear police say all the time, “Don’t put us in a position of solving society’s problems,”  She went on to explain that we must enact the kinds of programs which will remove much of the domestic dispute type issues from “police” duties. 

Yep, pappy, Thank goodness for the wonderful people such as Congresswoman Bass, we sure need more of her type thinking.  

Unfortunately, we also have the imbecilic dudes such as Teddy Cruz of the great state of Texas:  “One of the reasons, sadly, that we are seeing this violence and this rioting is that you have a lot of demagogues that want to use this incident of clear abuse by one police officer and they want to use it to paint every police officer as corrupt and racist,” Texas Senator Ted Cruz declared on Fox News as protests broke out across the country. The escalating violence was not the result of an unrepentantly racist system, Cruz said, but rather “everyone that is stirring up racial division,” meaning the anti-racist activists.  

Racism is not to blame, the thinking popular among at least some conservatives goes. It’s the people fighting racism who are the problem. If everyone could just stop talking about all of this stuff, we could go “back” to being a peaceful, united country. No one seems to be able to answer when, precisely, in our history that previous moment of peace, justice, and racial harmony occurred.

From an article by Wesley Lowery, June 10,2020, in the Atlantic.

A smidgeon of not so bad news, Bus, at least our Moronic old Commander-in-Tweets didn’t completely embarrass us at the West Point Graduation.  “His” Generals, or more likely the good old school marms, had assembled the show in a Covid-safe manner, and the old fool displayed the one thing he apparently learned at that Military Prep School his pappy thought might “straighten him out.”  He did a half-decent job of saluting each of the graduates.  He also stuck to the remarks prepared for him by old Jared.  That man is becoming an accomplished teleprompter reader.  They’re learning to control to a degree his disastrous extemporaneous spouting.  That fellow sure loves “his” generals and “his” military.  Guess he feels it covers up his “bone spur” avoidance of the draft! 

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