Buster’s Blog Beyond #44 – A Desperate Plea, Y’all Dumicrats 30 June 2020

Buster, lad, I apologize for failing to type up any blogging for ya for so long!

I understand, pappy, things have gone way past surreal, and it leaves me speechless, as well.  I don’t think we should abandon the possibility that horror, having spurred corrections in the past, might do it again.  Otherwise, all hope would surely be lost!

Gotcha, Bus, but, first, we must focus on removing the #1 cancer in our system, the Moronavirus!  We, of course, can’t prove that he is actively cooperating with Putin, but he certainly couldn’t do more harm to our dear old USofA if he were following old Vlad’s orders hour by hour.  So, our dear old Dumicrats, we’re imploring you feckless old rascals to recognize that the most important election in the history of our country is now only four (4) months away, and the fact that the polls are showing old Uncle Joe leading actually mean nothing.

That’s correct, Kiddos, the old Moron and his enabling Repulsicans  will be pulling out every dirty trick ever invented, and old Vladimir, plus some other “feriners”as well, will be digitally and physically helping them.  Unfortunately, the acuity of our electorate must be considered woefully inadequate to distinguish truth from the deluge of fiction which will be flushing toward them.  Hence, the upcoming “election” may well become a pure calamity.  You will not be able to out-spend the bad guys, their resources are practically limitless, so, please, get your troops out on the streets, as they have been since poor old George was murdered.  Your Dumicrat and Independent voters will have to stand in socially distanced lines for hours, if not days, in order to cast their votes; the forces of evil do not relax!

Well said, Buster, your old pap will be in one of those lines if he is still on this side of the grass by Election Day!

Good Grief, just looked at the phone and saw where one of your “very swift” Dumicrat Senators is being “increasingly optimistic” about your chances of winning back the Senate.  Oh, yes, fool, piece of cake!

“Rumpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Rumpty Dumpty had a big fall, & nobody cared!”

Very observant neighbor friend, and her dog, Sid.

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