Buster’s Blog Beyond #50 – That danged 4-letter word, again – 13 July 2020


I don’t know, pappy, It’s becoming harder every day to keep that lil ole 4-letter word alive!  Now, the crazy old Mass Murderer at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has latched on to the Repulsican idea to shutter the Post Office, in order that poor people won’t be able to vote by mail.  The PO is about the only federal agency he hasn’t yet gotten his filthy mitts on, and it is probably loved by most of us old Amuricans.  Instead of closing it, they should expand it to have some banking activities, which could relieve poor people from having to rely on stinkin’ loan sharks to borrow a couple bucks until payday.  

You’re correct, Buster, and that is a very good idea!  Yes, I know it wasn’t your idea, we saw it proposed a while back, but, of course, our enlightened “leaders” have a way of ignoring things which would help our poor citizens.  I also agree with you that it is difficult, to say the least, to find any good news these days.  However, I did see an interesting article, which noted that, on the 60th Anniversary of the Congo’s independence from Belgium, King Philippe of Belgium sent a letter to the Congolese President.  Therein, he expressed his “deepest regret” for “acts of violence and cruelty” committed during the Belgian occupation of Congo.  The king’s letter has caused controversy, but it is a step in the direction of truth, which is rare and certainly welcome.

Amen to that, pap, just a little more honesty from our leaders would surely help a bunch!  I mentioned above the idiotic idea from the madman of the Oval Office to close our beloved Post Office, but, obviously, his most egregious actions regarding the Covid 19 plague surpass all the other horrible steps he has taken to weaken our old USofA.  By first ignoring and now continuing to downplay the severity of the pandemic, it is not an exaggeration to say that he is directly responsible for at least 95% of the nearly 150,000 deaths we’ve experienced so far.  We can only hope that old Uncle Joe and those sad sack Dumicrats can get their message of HOPE out to all our fellow Amuricans before it’s too late!

Ya know, Bus, it may be time for us to revisit your lil series on Fox alternative news that we posted a few years ago.  That horrible outfit is certainly the source of most of the misinformation which causes about one third of our dear old countrypersons to be so ignorant and uninformed about the damage the old Moron is doing to our dear old USofA.

Sorry to make you watch more of those doofuses, pap, but good ideeeeee!

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