Buster’s Blog Beyond #52 – Dare We Hope? – 10 August 2020

Flash***Nancy and Chuck refuse to negotiate, giving the Rump another chance to send out the checks with his letterhead and ugly signature!!  Help!

Do ya think anyone’s listening, pappy?  Well, I suppose it matters not, we must keep on keepin’ on!  There surely isn’t much good news to help, but we gotta keep looking for it and amplifying it as best we can. You mentioned that you saw a poll stating that 71% of voters support making masks mandatory in public settings (with 91% of Dumicrats on board, except for their leadership, they ain’t that dumb), so we may be able to survive The Trumpian Plague, despite the Mad Ogre of the Oval Office worst efforts!

That’s right, Buster, and only 26% of our dear voters oppose mask wearing; are you guessing as I am that these are all Rump voters. He’s only recently changed his tune, after some 170,000 of our people have died due to his negligence, and misinformation boasting about having his Plague well under control.

Yes, pap, I don’t believe anything can get his poor, deceived supporters to understand how he’s conned them. They’ve lost their livelihoods due to his wealthy pals, our big corporate CEOs sending their jobs to overseas cheap labor places, so they were hurting long before his Plague hit us, and, of course, the old con man told them it was foreigners such as China and Mexico who had stolen their jobs. This is so sad, because these poor souls are good citizens who are just misled by the monstrous demon we somehow “elected” to our highest office. 

You are correct, Bus, and the demented old Moron continues to take actions intended to destroy our democracy! His scheme to wreck the Post Office, again, hurts the very people in rural areas who support him. A reporter at the Washington Post, Dana Milbank wrote, “In trying to fathom the lowest moment of the T. Rump presidency, one answer is almost always correct: Tomorrow!”

Unfortunately, so true, pappy!  Yet, we’ve got to encourage our fellow Amuricans to remember the good things we had going, before the arrival of the Beast of the wavy Orange Toupee. We were climbing out of the Great Recession, gradually, but steadily, and the economy was making a sustained growth rate.  Then, the old scoundrel and his Repulsican pals got the “Yuge” tax cut passed for the wealthy & giant corporations, sending the stock market soaring to unsustainable levels and certain disaster. Next, the Coronavirus arrived, and had the danged fool listened to his advisors, we could have survived even that with minimal damage.  As we’ve said so many times before, our vile old Moron is our worst nightmare, but if enough of our good countrypersons who have not been fooled by his lying can get to the polls, we may have a chance to right the ship of state.

That’s the key, Bus, getting all our good citizens to vote!  I got an application for an absentee ballot (ya know, yer old pap can barely crawl around anymore, much less stand in line for who knows how many hours).  So, so far, so good! We’re with you good old Dumicrats, so get all your troops registered and ready to vote the bums out!

Right here, though, things get scary when the old Dumicrats live up to their name.  Rump is making hay out of his sending his thugs to stir up trouble in Portland and other Dumicrat led cities.  The reaction of the harassed protesters has been to turn them to some retaliatory violence.  Hence, that crafty con man is portraying the chaos as all the protesters fault to boost his “law and order” campaign hog-wash.  That rascal is just too slippery for the honest, but a tad slow Dumicrats.  The only voice being heard to expose this slight-of-hand by the horrid old orange monster is the good old ex-republican national committee chairman, Michael Steele! Where are you crazy Dumicrats…get out there and talk some sense to your protesters. They should be getting out voters, not fighting with Rump’s storm troops!

Golly, pap, I heard you watched the whole Honest and Honorable Billy Barr visit to the House Judiciary Committee, with Solidly Sincere Jimmy Jordan, that sweet boy from Ohio, chiming in every 5 or 10 minutes with his extremely well thought-out comments.  I’ll bet that was a riveting show of gov oversight!

BTW, pap, did ya hear good old Jared and Ivanca are going to rename Trump Tower up there in the big Apple, to Putin Arms. Guess they want to insure the old KGB ace goes all out for the Rump come November.

I also watched last week the funeral of old John Lewis which was far easier than watching the “oversight” committee.  All the speakers, of course, extolled old John’s many accomplishments for civil rights.  It was a wonderful tribute to the man who never lost his commitment to peaceful protesting despite all the beatings he took.  He was indeed an American hero, perhaps the only hero remaining completely true to our stated democratic values.  Sure enough, since he was not attending the Funeral Service, Rump said only that he didn’t know John, and added, “he didn’t come to my inauguration.” The danged fool was also quick to point out that he’s done more for black people than anyone.  His nose grew another few inches on that one…had to go right to his dermatologist!

Well, pap, I suppose we can indeed Hope, but it ain’t gonna be easy to convince our regular old long-suffering fellow Amuricans! I believe that clever practitioner of understatement, President Obama, said, “This is the most consequential election of our lifetimes,” or something like that!  Don’t worry, pap, I understand that trying to keep up with the evil deeds of the Great Pretender is tough for you and the old Smith Corona. How bout, in a week or two do a lil review of the old plagues, and their aftermaths in order that the folks can see that there may still be HOPE, though just barely.

OK, Buster, I’ll pull out the data on the Plagues (or Pandemics), however they’ve been termed.  I also wish to speak with you about our modus operandi…we’ve tried to keep our comments light enough to keep a bit of humor flowing.  I’m beginning to think that may not be possible any longer, the old draft-dodging Commander-in-Chief is killing a thousand people a day, right here in our good old USofA.  His behavior is not only reprehensible, but also criminal, and his wicked Repulsican friends in the Senate continue protecting him.  

I couldn’t have said it better myself, pap.  (gotta humor the old feller)

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