Buster’s Blog Beyond #53 – A Glimmer of HOPE – 12 AUGUST 2020

Hallelujah, pappy,  Unca Joe finally made a decision, and a good one it was!  It will be interesting to watch how our old “law and order” fraud tries his name-calling stupidity to attack this real-life officer of the law.  There might just be that slim chance that Joe and Kamala will be able to overcome all the cheating and Putin interference in this election, and finally rid us of the awful Rump cancer!

Oh, Buster, I sure hope you are right,  neither our country, nor the earth could stand much more of the ugly Orange Ogre of the Oval Office, and his goons that he has now installed in every government agency.  Hopefully, even the rural folks badly duped by his lies will see his destruction of their favorite Postal Service, and rebel against his wickedness.  

BTW, pap, I heard another piece of good news from another hound doggie up here.  His old pappy told him that The Big Ten had cancelled the football programs for this fall.  Wow, not much better could happen in the sports world; that horrible game, especially once in professional leagues, causes concussions to young mens’ brains which wind up causing early dementia.

Yep, Bus, as we’ve mentioned before, Plagues, or Pandemics, always cause incalculable damage, but also have, in the past, resulted in some good changes in society.  So, we’ll continue hoping for the best as we, again hopefully, rid ourselves of this Trumpian Plague.

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