Buster’s Blog Beyond #54 – HOPE is really hard to hold – 17 August 2020

Well, pappy, back when you did a bit of research on those pandemics or plagues of the past, you said they seemed to have caused one of two responses by the old human beans who survived.  On the one hand, the sense of despair would lead to a surge in licentiousness among the population, and people took refuge in sex and drinking.  Looks as if our good old Amuricans heard of that one and are jumping right on the old band wagon.

Thats right, Bus, especially our younger folk, which will of course make the Trumpian Plague that much harder to eventually eradicate.  The other common response has been increased religiosity, as when the Justinian Plague of the 6th Century fueled a rapid rise of Christianity throughout the Mediterranean.  Then, the worst Pandemic in human history, the Black Death which arrived in Sicily in 1347 wiping out about 200 million people, about 6% of the global population,  caused authorities to institute new health measures.  Routine medical inspections became routine and hospitals were built throughout Europe to treat the sick.

Well, those were certainly some mostly good things, pap, and I recall that you had said before that the Black Death’s biggest socioeconomic legacy was it’s role in ending feudalism, the medieval system that empowered wealthy nobles to control the rent and wages of the peasants who used their land.  By wiping out so much of the working population, the Black Death created a labor shortage that gave peasants the leverage to negotiate better working terms.  Hence, the Plague effectively ended the unfair practice of serfdom.

Yep, that was a biggie, Bus, but those with great wealth never give up trying to acquire more.  The “good” book even has a number of references to “the love of money being the source of much evil.”  Again, when the French stormed the Bastille on July 14,1789, and got out the guillotines, the wealth distribution improved appreciably.  Of course, here in the USofA income and wealth inequality is at an all time high, with our Dear Leader crying about the unfairness of life, because his pappy only gave him a few million bucks to get started.

Yeah!  Speaking of Dear Leader, pap, he sure likes to blame others for his faults.  Right now, we got over 170,000 dead and counting from his Trumpian Plague, and he’s blaming the Chinese, the Mexicans, oops, plus old Nancy, and just about everyone else!  Sorry, Mr. Rump, this baby is all yours, you were warned back in January, but chose to call it a hoax for a few months, refused to wear a mask, and set an example of a responsible leader, finally encouraging everyone to return to work, etc. which negated the good steps begun with Doc Fauci’s  sound guidance.  No, you nasty old creep, you earned the title, The Trumpian Plague!  Yikes, pap, just heard: he’s got us covered, he’s gotten a great cure; got it from the goofball who’s always on tv promoting his “My Pillow!”

You’ve nailed it there, Bus, we can only hope the last gasp of the “Very Stable Genius” (a self-diagnosis), the utter destruction of our beloved Postal Service, back-fires on him.  Trouble is, many of the rural people who vote for him will probably never know that he is responsible for their problems, since fox alternative news will blame it all on the old Dumicrats.  Fortunately, one outfit of veterans, Vote Vets, is running truthful ads on fox as well as the other tv channels, so there’s a chance the good folk in the boonies may get an honest glimmer of the damage the old Orange Ogre of the Oval Office is provoking on our poor old USofA.

Yes, pappy, not to belabor the point, but we’ve not been able to specify just why our fav lunatic would want to destroy his own country.  I guess we’re agreed that nobody could possibly be as stupid as his actions indicate, so it comes down to dear old Putin’s influence.  He got the money to bail him out of his most recent business failures from Putin’s Russian Oligarch pals (read: Mafia), and those dudes don’t play!  If he loses the election and is then useless to Putin, he will find himself swimming with the fishies with his brand new cement booties!  Naturally, the old Con Man is now panicked, and will try anything to save himself, no matter how much harm it will cause.

Again, you’re right on it, Buster, and a bunch of people will be pleased to see the old Moron get his just desert!  There’s still the problem of the division and hate he’s engendered in segments of our citizenry.  There are people, mostly the crazies who believe him, but also some of the opposition, who are arming themselves to the teeth.  So, the chances of armed conflict in our streets at election time is not a far-fetched idea. We’re gonna need to continue hoping the old Dumocrats can win a resounding victory at the polls, and encourage them to be mindful of the disappointed Rumpsters, and try to assure them that they will not be forgotten, or mistreated by a new administration.

Right, pap, the most important thing the Dumocrats can do at their “convention” is to show they have plans to help all our people survive the plague and depression it’s caused, and bring us back together.  The old fool has sown hate and division for four years, so it will not be easy, but to reunite us is absolutely essential.  We gotta hope old Unca Joe and Kamala are up to this difficult task.  If they can be successful at this very first step, then, getting rid of the Trumpian Plague and reviving the economy will be relative pieces of cake!

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