Buster’s Blog Beyond #55 – Go Unca Joe & Kamala – 20 August 2020

Well, pappy, I realize watching the old DNC “remote” Convention would be an impossibility for you, as those ever helpful tv moguls run it well into the night and load on their commercials up front and all through!  Those lads as we’ve said before are surely enough to cause a maggot to gag!  It’s really no wonder that we have a moron as our prezident, and our poor old country is a shambles!  Always wanting to display his great respect for women, sure enough our Orange Ogre of the Oval Office wanted to show his bone fides yesterday as well.  To commemorate the 100 Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, he gathered all the ladies who are unfortunate enough to work in the place, and issued another of his now infamous “executive orders,” pardoning Susan B. Anthony. Of Course, he probably had no idea who she was, but good old Kount Kushner must have looked her up for him.  He also used the opportunity to diss Michelle Obama. 

Wow! You reminded me, Buster, I read the other day that old Rupert Murdock’s youngest son, severed all his connections with his father’s businesses.  He stated that he was convinced that the news organization could not be reformed from the inside. Unfortunately, that’s just a diluted good news story, the tiny bit of “reform” the boy was able to do will soon be undone by the disciples of nasty old Rupert.

Good Grief, pap, I heard you watched the whole DNC show, and stayed up past Midnight!  I guess, as we’ve mentioned before, desperate times often require desperate measures. Also, there must have been a lot of old Madison Avenue influence on the festivities. Yep, I also heard (I’m sounding like the old fool now) that one of yer pals said if she heard one more participant bring up the old story of Unca Joe riding the train back and forth to work in D.C. so he could make breakfast for the boys and get back in time to tuck them in at bedtime, she was going to puke!

As usual, you are correct, Bus, it was definitely a long night, but between all the commercials, there were many very sincere, and loving speeches. This gang is definitely a welcome contrast to the divisive tweeting of that crazy old con artist. One theme which surfaced a couple times was a call for affordable child care. Back before women’s “liberation,” Moms used to handle that function, very adequately could be added, but those same old altruistic tv moguls convinced them to get a job so they could help achieve the good old Amurican dream for their family, and buy more junk from the big corporate retailers.  Of course, now, almost all Moms need to work to help pay the bills for all that “largesse.” As the Yuge Dude says, “it is what it is!” However, the evening presented a unified Dumocrat party determined to gain recovery from the horrible Trumpian Plague, and get our poor old USofA back on a track of prosperity for all of our citizenry!


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  1. All things considered, I’d say the DNC has been about as good as could be so far. If nothing else, they’ve painted a clear contrast with the politics of hate and division espoused by the current occupant of the WH. One more night to go!


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