buster’s Blog Beyond #56 – That Glimmer of HOPE is Dim – 28 August 2020

Well, Bus, old dog, here we are at Monday already, and those loyal Repulsicans  have already nominated the old Orange Ogre of the Oval Office to be their heroic leader once again.  I suppose we’ll see a bunch of the miserable devil for a few days, preening like a peacock and reading Kount Kushner’s speeches from the teleprompter like a slow-tooled robot. Old Insanity Hannity cracked me up the other night when he allowed that ole Unca Joe had done a “fair” teleprompter read of his speech.  Actually, Joe did a fine job, yes, using the aid, but reading his own words with passion.

Pap, you are correct, old Unca Joe may be a career pol, but he is a sincere one!  He’s not always been right, but I thimk he owns up to his faults, and genuinely wants to help our torn and shredded old USofA get back on a decent track!  

Yikes, pappy, I really appreciate your sacrifice last night, watching the wrap-up of the ultra-ugly Repulsican Convention, right up to the bloody end at midnight! )O;

No problem, Bus, I figure that’s why you pay me the big bucks.  I actually believe there were two positive take-aways from that convention, and the good old Moron’s “speech” last night:  1. His toupee didn’t blow off (apparently, dearest Ivanka has found him a new wig maker), and 2. He told the TRUTH, TWICE, at the start, and at the end, he said, “This is the most important election of our history!” Other that those “positive” moments, the whole thing was a recitation of self-congratulation and hatred for old Unca Joe!  I must mention that there was one black lady who he had pardoned after she had spent something like 20 years in jail, I think for a relatively minor drug offense.  She was of course very grateful and thanked him profusely, which is perfectly understandable.  I’m guessing, but I would bet that pardon was a clever plan by Kount Kushner to stow away a handy prop for later use.  At any rate, that was the only instance of an honest commentary during the entire evening!

Yikes, that’s right, pap, I remember you told me that even dear old Mikey Pence, that paragon of Christian love and compassion, had nothing but vile and hateful things to say about old Joe.  Those old Repulsicans sure tried to paint an apocalyptic picture of our poor old country if Joe were to win the election.  I’m just an old hound doggie up in the Great Doggie Park, but it seems to me that we are at that unpleasant stage right now.  With the Trumpian Plague raging across our land as a result of Mr. Rump’s blundering our response to the virus, and his continued insistence that it will just go away!  His bunk about building a great economy, of course, is pure hogwash, too, as the recovery from the bust of 2008 was going swimmingly as he came into office!  The horrible truth is that neither the plague or resulting economic disaster were inevitable; the severity of both is a direct result of the old Moron’s denying the information he had way back in January, and his continued lack of leadership in controlling the epidemic!

Gosh, Buster, I’m forgetting that last night’s parade of liars and frauds began with an actual crime!  Using the “Peoples” house to stage this travesty of politics was in itself illegal, but why would we have expected anything less from our Commander-in-Treachery.  Unfortunately, I’m reminded constantly of the old movie actor, Robert De Niro’s words regarding our “prezident,” “I wouldn’t want to play his character if a movie were ever made!  He’s such an awful person.  There’s nothing redeemable about him, and I never say that about any character.  He has not one speck of redeeming quality about him.  He’s a petulant little punk!

How well I remember, pap, that was my Blog Beyond #41 – “The President of the United States of America.  June 1, 2020.  Good grief, is it possible he could have actually gotten worse?

I realize that’s hard to believe, Bus, but, yes, he’s gotten even worse, and is threatening to lead our poor old country into another civil war, not between north and south, but right in our neighborhoods.  The wicked devil has teased out the worst elements of human nature from some of his followers across the nation!  I know we are not into giving advice, except to try to help those feckless Dumicrats, but I would advise anyone having access to a safe bunker to vote early, and then climb in before the shooting begins.


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