Buster’s Blog Beyond #57 – HOPE Where’s the light, or tunnel? – 1 Sep 2020

Garsh, pappy, as suggested by our title today, not only is the light at the end not coming into view, but just finding the tunnel is becoming ever-more challenging!As you know, I haven’t rebranded those hapless Demoblicans to Dumicrats without serious cause!  They have many support groups sending daily emails to everyone and her brother asking for donations. As far as I can tell, only one of those groups is actually spending those funds on anything visibly helpful; that would be VoteVets.org,who publish some ads which may be effective in helping end the plague of trumpism.

I understand and share your concern, Buster, and I believe Kamala will be able to command any debating with the pious Mikey Pence, and would be able to demolish the Rump, as well.  Trouble is, she won’t be debating the Rump, old Unca Joe must do that, and I fear he won’t be able to overcome the standard lying always employed so successfully by our so-called president.  Dang, I saw Mayor Ted Wheeler, explain the horrors happening in Portland, and he placed the cause exactly where it belongs, at the White House! He spoke directly to Rump, saying, “Mr. president, you need to be stopped!”

Yes, pap, I sure wish the Dumicrats had such a lad as that for their standard bearer, but of course that is not the case, so, we will all have to encourage all good people to vote and hope, hope, hope!

Ya know, Bus, I saw a lady from Minnetonka, Minnesota on the telly this morning.  She said she voted for president Trump in 2016, but is undecided this time.  She said she thought he should listen to his cabinet members (she apparently likes Dr. Ben Carson).  This lady is no doubt one of the people we spoke of long ago, who, having watched too much tv and the subliminal messaging of those clever ads, have had their brains turned to mush.  She might also be watching Fox alternative news, which spreads almost more falsehoods per hour than the Rump, himself!  This poor lady said she wants a businessman like Trump to bring our economy back, but, of course, he failed horribly in all the  businesses he owned.  He even lost money as the owner of casinos…the poor people gambling in those casinos are the ones supposed to be losing their money, not the owner!  What a myth he has been able to have this lady believe.

Yeah, pappy, it’s not exactly a mystery why we are in such trouble!

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  1. Not a lot of hope, indeed. It’ll be interesting to see what bombs the respective campaigns are waiting to drop when the time is right. I suspect there won’t be much about Biden, although Trump and Fox will try to dredge up whatever they can and hype it as the end of the universe. On the flip side, there has to be immense information about Trump out there. For example, there have to be many who have seen his tax returns. Will someone finally leak them? Can he continue his ruse for another 2 months? It’s gonna be a wild ride….


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