Buster’s Blog Beyond #59 – Surreal Ain’t Cuttin’ It – 17 October 2020

OK, Bus, we’re gettin’ the ‘puter checked out today, so hopefully we’ll have a posting.  As you know, I’ve stayed up watching these deeeebate thingys, etc. and lost good sleep for no good reason, so night before last, the Rump dude and old Unca Joe had what were billed as “Dueling Town Halls.”  I did not watch, and holy Guacamole, I missed the old fool make an even bigger fool of himself, as though that were possible.  Anywho, I caught up with the “analyses” yesterday.

Yeah, pap, I heard ole Joe came to his show all prepared, with notes, and presented his reasonably sensible plans (he still needs to listen to our suggestions if he is to be really effective), and stayed an extra half-hour answering questions from the audience.  On the other hand, the Rump show was apparently far more entertaining, as Savannah Guthrie (garsh, sounds like an old country singer, doesn’t it) gave the old ego-maniac all the rope he needed to have himself dangling from the rafters.

That’s right, Buster, me laddie, he tried to lie his way through her little inquisition to no avail. That little lady nailed him at every turn; without going into detail, she had the old con man talking to himself and cussing her under his breath.  His pals at Fox alternative news were even saying that she “bullied” him something fierce, poor fellow!  The old Dumicrats will be comparing her to Jeanne D’Arc.  It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for those crazed Repulsicans!

Note: Holy Moly, the old madman is only getting crazier, stating, “My COVID is actually a blessing from God!”  Now, there’s no way he believes in some heavenly God, he thinks he is God.  His purported religiosity is only to impress his Evanjelly followers.  Shame he refuses to call it his Trumpian Plague.

Well, pap, now that we got the old ‘puter sputtering away, I’ll be expecting a little “upgrade” in service!  Y’all hang on, y’hear!


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