Buster’s Blog Beyond #67 HOPE needs you Dumicrats, NOW! 2 December 2020

Buster, you have blogged about this subject several times in the past, trying to dispel the erroneous ideas our poor old undereducated and misinformed fellow Amuricans hold about “socialism.”  Of course, it’s not a political system, but only one part of an economic mechanism.  As you’ve explained, we have all sorts of “socialism” right here in our good old USofA, and are darned happy to have it!  One more time for the graduate school dropouts:  In addition to our beloved Social Security System and Medicare, our fire departments, public schools, and infrastructure such as roads, clean water, & sewage disposal are all “socialism.”  Yes, it even includes the Police, which some of you airheads in moments of odd ideas, mention, “defunding!” ‘Socialism” just refers to how we use our tax dollars for the good of everyone.  

On the other hand, that over-ranked item, “capitalism” only means a system of gathering resources to be used for private bizness, such as small businesses, and large corporations.  When they, as well as anything else, get too “large,” they usually become very inefficient, and even corrupt!

So, please, you old Dumicrats, DO NOT ALLOW those reckless Repulsicans and their “friends” such as Mr. J. D. T. Rump, to go around telling everyone that you want to impose “socialism” on our citizens as though it were a BAD thing!  This stupid habit of the so-called, “conservatives” is about the biggest fib distribution possible!  As old pap and I have explained, YET AGAIN, our “socialiam” is a very GOOD thing!

Now, remember, you old Dumicrats need to get the word out to our citizenry that they have been hoodwinked by those crazed Repulsicans, and advise the folks on the true facts as we’ve explained them, AGAIN, above!  Ya might want to allow as how those Repulsicans aren’t all bad, they have just been horribly misled by that very ugly Rump dude during his 4 atrocious years in the old White House!

Thanks, Bus, for letting me “air out” this communications problem of our old Dumicrat friends, and remind them to use your good advice.


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