Buster’s Blog Beyond #68 – Our Eternal Curse, the Madman – 7 December 2020

Oh, Good Shugamuga, pappy, I apologize for asking you to watch the old Rump do the big Valdosta, Georgia rally last night.  One of my old Boy-C pals told me about the nasty old fool raving on about how he “won,” while his poor undereducated and horribly misled supporters were huddled around in their MAGA hats on top of their stocking caps (he probably has a little heater inside his podium).  Watching that, even from the comfort of your couch, must have been an hour and a half of pure misery!

True that, Buster, lad, the madman ranted on and on the whole time, telling one big whopper after another.  I don’t believe I heard him speak one truth during the whole show, and those poor people soaked in his blatant lies as though they were gospel.  If his insane insistence that the election was “rigged” against him weren’t so tragic, it would be comical: he was “done in” by the irony that it was actually he, not the other guys who tried to do the “rigging!”  His appointment of Mr. De Joy at the Post Office to try to wreck the mail-in ballot system was just unsuccessful, and old “running hair dye” Giuliani’s legal challenges were a joke, so Mr. Rump’s attempt to “fix” the election in his own favor failed as miserably as all his business ventures!

Yep, pap, our whole mess of the T. Rump presidency would be hilarious, if it weren’t so tragic!  Of Course, it is extremely irresponsible of his “fellow” repulsicans to refuse to do their duty and remove the old Moron from office, as is provided in the Constitution, which they reference so often.  The old “founding fathers” provided the means to remove a president who was incapacitated, and certainly insanity qualifies!  Howsomever, the real tragedy is allowing him to rant and rave, falsely, that he only lost the election because of fraud, and identifying various state officials as helping to cheat him out of winning.  As a result of his reckless behavior, honest officials are having to hide themselves and their families, lest one of his crazed supporters accept his lightly veiled directives.  There was a case resulting from his incitement of violence a month or so ago about the 17 year old being held and charged with Homicide as detailed here:

Kyle Rittenhouse was released from a detention center here (Kenosha, Wis.) on $2million bail after amassing the substantial sum with the help of donations from evangelical groups and other supporters.  “GOD bless ALL who donated to help,” said Rittenhouse’s lawyer, L. Lin Wood, after the 17-year old was released.  Rittenhouse is charged with homicide in the killing of Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum, and the attempted homicide of Gaige Grosskreutz in protests that erupted after a police shooting in Kenosha.  Rittenhouse said he traveled to the protests from his home in Illinois to help police; he has claimed he fired in self-defense while guarding a local business. Rittenhouse said in an interview that he used $1,200 he received from the pandemic unemployment aid program to buy the AR-15-style rifle he carried on the night of the shooting.  He paid an adult friend to buy the gun for him since he was underage. “I feel I had to protect myself,” Rittenhouse said.

Buster,  this example of the president’s influence is truly frightening, and he continues sending his solicitations to his supporters constantly!  There just are no words to describe a monster who knowingly incites such violence for his own gratification!


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