Buster’s Blog Beyond #69 – Homicidal Maniac on the Loose – 9 December 2020

Ho Boy, pap, the old loony toon has now successfully abdicated all duties of his office, except, of course, doing pardons for all the crooked fools he’s assembled around him, including his own 3 brats.  Oh, also, he’s taken full credit for the development of the vaccine which is “on the way!”  Ya know, I don’t recall him ever acknowledging his role in first, denying, and then, cheering on the virus, which we have properly renamed the Trumpian Plague.  That old lunatic either has a more-faulty memory chip than your’s, pap, or he’s invented another double-barreled falsehood.

You’re right on, Bus, and, as you’ve reported very recently, the Repulsican congresspersons are still refusing to do their Constitutional duty, and remove our incapacitated president, and he continues causing havoc in our poor old USofA.  I saw an NPR poll indicating that only one-quarter of Repulsican party members accept the 2020 presidential election results, which I suppose explains why their congress people are allowing an insane president to remain in office, which is criminally negligent.  The same poll shows that 61% of us old Amuricans overall accept the results, which would indicate that the vast majority of us unaffected by Fox alternative news or the Trumpian lies want the old Moron to exit, stage right!  Howsomeever, also as you’ve already reported, this just ain’t gonna happen until he leaves for that nice warm place where the fellow named “Lucifer” is holding his shovel for him at the ready.

Yep, pappy, this is undoubtedly the very worst conundrum ever to confront our old democracy…how to reunite those poor lost souls with reality and the rest of our poor old country.  I have the feeling it’s going to be way more difficult than old Unca Joe and Kamala imagine, and that those feckless old Dumicrats won’t be much help to them, unless they get a lot smarter real soon.  To be honest, pap, I don’t know that there is an answer, at least in a lifetime or so, but, for the kids’ sake, I sure hope they keep trying!

Agreed, Buster, the shameless old monster will never give up; I just got a video on my phone of him stating, as though his lies were fact, that he had proof of the fraud during the election in many states.  Seventy million lost souls are possibly listening to this bunk and believing every lie he tells.  This is a disaster!  HOPE is on the ropes!!  I suppose our only choice is to keep trying to get those old Dumicrats to get their act together!


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