Buster’s Blog Beyond #70 – A LAST GASP BEFORE HOPE – 3 January 2020

My good old Sunpaper recent headline:  T. Rump vows to fight on.  Buster, do you believe the old fool is trying to atone for his cowardly dodging of the draft with his daddy’s doctor’s  painful bone spur diagnosis?  He’s actually been quite the “fighter” with his lawyers flooding the over-worked courts with frivolous lawsuits since he emerged from his hive in New York City.  His latest losing fiasco, of course, is the final Electoral College vote of Biden 303 to T. Rump 232.  That’s after a couple dozen lawsuits being thrown out of court for lack of evidence, so he has the hurdles lying flat on the ground behind him like dominos.  Remember though, he’s still “fighting!”  He’s convinced the minority Repulsican House members to try a real long-shot ploy when the Congress gathers on January 6th to officially tally the vote.

In the meantime the old abomination is pardoning dozens of his crooked pals, obstructing progress on digging out of his Trumian Plague, while thousands are dying every day and millions are starving,  and, oh, yes, he’s working every minute for you old Amuricans, while playing golf in Florida.  He probably doesn’t keep a scorecard, so he an always claim to have won…his poor playing partners (if anyone but Lindsay Graham plays with him)!

Y’know, Bus, we named the Virus properly here in the US due to his bungling of the response to it here.  Of course, it is also all over the globe, due in great part to his pals around the world, such as old Netanyahu in Israel, Boris in England, and that nut Bolsonaro, burning the rain forests down in Brazil. Yep, it’s that old “birds of a feather” thingy!

Well, pappy, thanks for yer lil update, but you forgot to mention that the old reprobate also eased the rules for showerheads which are intended to conserve water.  His shower was not adequate to maintain his toupee in the fashion he thought looked spiffy enough!  So, I suppose we can’t say he’s ignoring his presidential duties here in the twilight of his “command.”  For four long years, the old con man has wreaked havoc on our dear old USofA, and he’s not about to stop, and unfortunately, the good old Repulsicans in control of the Senate are not about to stop him, either.  So, we’ve got a few more days to wait to see if the Georgia runoffs give the Dumicrats the chance to govern, and hopefully turn things around.  January 6 is certainly a fateful date!

Y’see, pap, the old fool can’t concede because his brain won’t allow him to admit his loss.  This narcissistic problem is horrible to bear for a perennial loser such as himself!  I’m not suggesting that anyone should feel sorry for him though, that would only deepen his pain, amounting to nearly “cruel and unusual punishment.”  It will be best to just wait until he is humanely executed for his crimes against humanity!

First, January 6th will tell if our imperfect, but functioning Democracy can be saved, or if one madman can create eternal winter.  It’s kinda like Groundhog Day, Bus!

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  1. These are dark days, indeed. It’s going to be an interesting week, to say the least. And, I fear, the one after that, and the one after that… I think (hope) that our democracy will hold, but it’s been disheartening, to say the least, to watch so many line up to champion this blatant, treasonous coup attempt. Pulling for truth, justice, and Georgia!


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