Buster’s Blog Beyond #72 – Helping our Good Old Dumicrats – 11 January 2021

Good grief, pappy, Those “adjusted” names for our two pol parties are sure bearing the test of time.  The Repulsicans whole-heartedly joined the old insane one, and left little of their reputation unsoiled, and now the Dumicrats, following old goof-ball Nancy, are all acting like kindergartners, and clamoring for impeaching the old fool, again!  It’s hard to imagine he can do much more harm than he already has done, so why can’t they just ignore him for a few more days, and concentrate on getting the country back to a bit of order?  Let’s list a few priorities for them, OK, pap?

Gotcha, Bus, how about we begin with our old plan from your blog of 1 June 2018, Saving Our Good Old USofA:

 National Service:

We’ve noodled on this first item for quite some time, originally considering calling for a revival of the old “draft” which served so well for WWII and earlier conflicts, but the idea of a “draft” seems to be unpopular.   So, let’s call this idea the Establishment of a National Service Requirement for ALL youngsters, kind of a domestic Peace Corps.  This plan would allow poor kids living in our inner cities who have extremely limited chances for economic success to experience a structured training system.  Kids having wealthier parents would be given time to prepare for further formal education (sending them to college to learn beer drinking games, etc. can be sort of chancy).  All our kids would have the opportunity to live, study, and work with kids from various circumstances as our older folk were able to do back when there was the military draft.

Initially, we’re thinking six months of Boot Camp, six more months of trade skills training, a year or two of work on our crumbling infrastructure (avoiding the use of a costly big corporation boondoggle), then, a “GI Bill” type program for college education or further skills training.  We have old military facilities all over the country (which the politicians won’t let the govamint close due to loss of maintenance jobs), and a bunch of old Generals down in the Pentagon who can get some exercise out marching with the kids, sort of acting Drill Sergeants!  Oh, yes, part of the infrastructure work can be rebuilding as needed, and tidying up our inner cities!

Glad you remembered that old blog, pap, of course with all the destruction caused by President Rump and his Trumpian Plague, it will obviously need more than a tad of modification.  Currently, there are over 14 million people unemployed, or 14 % of our workforce.  So, Unca Joe, Kamala, and dear old Nancy, your first job is work!  Use our National Service plan to get all our workers back, so the economy can recover. Special tax legislation such as we used for WWII can be quickly employed to pay for this work.  Puhleeze, get busy, you feckless old Dumicrats.  We love ya, but ya gotta FOCUS!

Come on, Bus, we need to talk about the crazy media, and their idiotic name calling!

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  1. I’ll admit, I have mixed feelings about impeachment, but understand the reasoning behind it. Admittedly, this is because it sure looks like Trump and his team did more than merely exhort his goons (which would have been bad enough). The lack of security, backup, national guard support, and other things connected to the siege appear to have been coordinated and intentional to some degree. Impeachment or not, we need to get to the bottom of what happened and hold those responsible accountable. I do agree, however, that putting people to work should be the focus of the new administration, and a plan for civil service is a good one.


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