Buster’s Blog Beyond #73 – The Media and our Divided States – 12 January 2021

Socialist, Fascist, Liberal, Conservative, Left wing, Right wing, all around the mulberry bush!  Labels, schambles!  Buster, the “media” and its’ name calling is enough to drive me crazy!  I remember yer dear Mum commenting, “That’s no drive, you old fool, it’s a short putt!”

I agree whole-heartedly, pap, (with your comments, not necessarily with dear ole Mum’s observation).  All these name tags are stupid and disgusting, not to mention just another reason for our good old Amuricans to mistrust one another.  Along with the so called “news,” the danged fools repeat ad infinitum, the name calling just adds to the divisiveness pushed by the last administration.  Fox has been repeating all their pictures of the violence which sometimes occurred with the Black Lives Matter marches for months, and now CNN and MSNBC will run the “Proud Boys” ransacking the Capitol building forever!  These goofy outfits sure enjoy their inexpensive “content,” allowing them to concentrate their time and resources to those wonderful commercials (the stinkin’ ads, I like to call them).++++Yikes! Thanks for noting it, pap, so those two “fake newsies” as the old rump calls ‘em, reported, “a source – – President Trump is upset, and still angry about his election loss.”  Yes, pap, they’re treating the old fool as if he were sane.  That’s preposterous, at this point only a Psychiatrist could not declare him “mad as a hatter.”  Their professional ethics code requires that they have examined a person to say that person is not sane!

You are so right, Bus, we must hope that old Unca Joe with his more reasoned style will eventually reverse these gosh-awful trends.  It seems as though the “security” agencies are attempting to get ahead of the trumpster goons this time, for the 20th Inauguration, so if we can get past that hurdle, we’ll have the new administration in place.  I’m going to send your National Service Plan, with some recommended modifications to Unca Joe, Kamala, and some other Dumicrats in hopes they will take the hint, and get going on recovering our economy and jobs.

Good plan, pap, and maybe with better troops assigned to lead our federal agencies (after canning the rump toadies), together with positive messaging from ole Joe and dear Kamala, our good old USofA can get back on track to providing a good future for our youngsters. Perhaps, with lots of luck, we can actually see HOPE again realized after the Trumpian Plague as it was following the old Black Death Epidemic! Yikes, pappy, I’m getting all excited up here in the Great Doggie Park! 

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