Buster’s Blog Beyond #74 – We Gotta Stay on Course – 15 January 2021

Ho, Boy, pap, now we have the old Orange Ogre of the Oval Office doubly impeached, but little, if any, action on the recovery plans.  Plus, this will crack ya up, pap, the old Rump is actually delighted!  He is now the ONLY president to have been impeached twice, and you know how he likes to think he is special.  The few poor souls still left in the White House say he is beside himself, basking in the attention he’s receiving for yet another first to notch on his belt!

Good grief, pap, our dear old Dumicrats are just wasting precious time, while those old Repulsicans will just acquit him without further ado!  It sure seems as though we are caught in an endless cycle of crazy politics, with a truly insane president still in office for another week.  I sure hope the police forces and national guard around the country, and in D.C. are ready for whatever the Proud Boys and the rest of those trumpster numbskulls conjure up to disrupt the inauguration.

Yes, Buster, lad, we have to get past the inauguration, and figure out how to stop the insurrection attempts, and those mindless young hoodlums who consider the Rump their “spiritual” leader.  Then, of course, there is the Trumpian Plague and the non-existent economy with which to deal, not to mention those 70 million lost souls he conned into voting for him.  Unca Joe and Kamala are facing a situation far worse than the Great Depression of the 30’s, because the country wasn’t so horribly divided back then.  I do believe our new President and his Vice President to have the unique personalities that will be required to navigate the difficulties ahead, at least I sure hope so.  It’s going to take a calm, reasoned approach, and they have so far demonstrated such.

That’s correct, pappy, I believe they are the exact leaders we need to extract our poor old country from the devastation wrought by the madman and his criminal enablers.  Obviously, that is an enormous task which will take quite some time.  Now, we must get those wild and nutty Dumicrats to stop playing games and get on with the bizness of governing, helping Joe and Kamala!

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