Buster’s Blog Beyond #75- Let’s all help Unca Joe, Kamala, & the feckless Dumicrats revive a feeling of unity within our good old USofA- 19 January 2021

Buster, my good lad, Racial Hatred has been stoked to unreal levels by T. Rump and his followers.  Perhaps a qualified psychiatrist could explain this phenomenon, but as we’ve reported before, those good physicians can only make judgements based on their examination of patients.  The ignorant, stupid, and ugly Ogre is finally going to be out of the daily news (hopefully), but the disillusioned devotees of his lies are still out there, some causing massive trouble.  It’s still dang near impossible for an old Baltimoron like me to believe the measures which have to be taken in order to have a (again, hopefully) bloodless inauguration of our new President.

That’s, unfortunately, true, pap, which means it’s up to us amateur sleuths to finger it all out!  So, here’s an old hound doggie’s take: These poor souls who have been duped by an insane monster are mostly just poor old Amuricans trying to earn a living and raise their families.  Leaving aside the whackos such as the “Proud Boys,” these folks were hurting, even before the Trumpian Plague hit us, due to losing their livelihoods when their work was stripped away by our very own corporate moguls, all copies of the Trumpian prototype; not the Chinese, who gladly accepted the work, leaving greater profit for our corporate chieftains.  So, many of those 70 million lost souls who voted for him and still feel loyal to the old shyster are just misguided citizens.  Most of them, I reckon, pap, have also lived only among people of their own race and ethnicity, making them susceptible to prejudices about others.  Sadly, they also watch old Fox alternative news and listen to crazies on radio, so they are misled to believe the Rump’s lies.  One news poll found 43% of voters gave the old fool a job approval rating, and some 35% don’t believe Biden’s win to be legitimate! This is a sad commentary on our educational and “news” systems for sure!

T..rue! Bus, your old pappy was raised in such an insular society.  Merryland, a state which came close to joining the confederacy back in the Civil War, was a segregated place back when he was a lad, and only by serving in the military did he meet guys from other backgrounds, importantly learning that they were no different from himself!  As we’ve discussed before, the “draft” requiring young men to serve was dropped some time ago, allowing rich kids to avoid service without having to fake a terrible bone spur as Mr. T. Rump did in his youth.  Thats why we have been suggesting the National Service Plan, a way for our youth of today to live and work with each other as I was able to do back in the military.  Now, we need an expanded Service Plan to get the millions of people out of work due to the Trumpian Plague reemployed rebuilding our aging infrastructure! We just gotta get those old Dumicrats on board & up to speed!


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