Buster’s Blog #76 – Wow! How bout: HOPE with CAUTION – 21 January 2021

Holy Guacamole, pappy, The good old FBI, under new leadership, of course, rounded up most of those wild Proud Boys, etc. and allowed for a perfectly peaceful installation of our new Commander-in-Chief, and our new Vice-President! The whole ghastly show of pomp and circumstance went off without a hitch, and old Unca Joe held his speech to a serious and heart-felt 15 minutes.

Yes, Bus, that was a long day for the participants, tv viewers, and all the troops who were there for the security and later review.  Prior to all the festivities, poor old former Prez, T. Rump, had pardoned another very large batch of crooks, hoping some of them would come send him off and make a bit of a crowd. He’s having a bit of hassle getting much attention now since his ardent backers have been thrown off social media, though his home borough News chipped in with, “Queens man impeached—again!” Interestingly, his last comment (after he spent a solid 45 minutes reviewing all his “accomplishments” while in office) was to say, “We love you, we’ll be back in some form.”  Perhaps he is planning to do some dieting!  Oh, yes, he was wondering about his “legacy.” How’s this: He left us a bloody mess which will take 3 lifetimes to undo!

Ya know, pap, all this political activity and, now, the euphoria bubbling up in the Biden “camp” worries me a tad.  I’m sure you remember me and my pal, Punxsutawney, Phil, doing some pretty heavy duty prognosticating regarding the weather, but you and I were not so bad, either, with our economic predictions in my lil tome, Buster’s Two Scents.  If you recall, we warned folks about the gradual, but steady erosion of the safeguards which were legislated after the Great Depression such as Usury Laws and other restrictions on the Banking and other Industries. Wow, I wish we hadn’t been so accurate!  These past four years have been the culmination of the return of the unfettered greed which caused that Depression. Yep, the Rump family may be the epitome of greed, but they sure as heck ain’t unique!

Wow, Bus, Old Unca Joe is moving…that delightful young lady last night started regular press briefings again, and I must say, it was a welcome change from the ones which the old Rumper discontinued a while back.  Of course, we may wind up with too much of a good thing; dear old Nancy is on the telly today with her news briefing, and Joe is signing Executive Orders on there like they are going out of style!

Well, pap, if all this excitement ain’t enough for ya, here’s a kicker: for the first time in memory, the girl scouts & their Mums won’t be peddling their cookies, they’ve arranged for Grubhub to do contactless delivery and pickup for them!  Plus, from my pal, Sid, “Enjoy the 21st Day of the 21st Year of the 21st Century!”                                       Bing!

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