Buster’s Blog Beyond #77- It’s Time to Right Our Ship of State – 28 January 2021

Hot dang, Buster, old lad, Unca Joe (oops, I meant President Biden) has signed more Executive Orders already than the old Rump did in his 4 year tenure, most of them just reversing the awful dictates of the old fool.  Of course, there’s already been a video parodying dear Kamala’s name with the song from the old movie, Camelot (courtesy of the amazing Randy Rainbow group).  Our new Administration is off to a swimmingly good start!  Oh, yes, their new press secretary, Jen Psaki, is like a breath of fresh air after the gosh-awful fib spinners that Mr. Trump sent out there (before he stopped all press briefing, of course)!

Yep, pappy, but don’t worry about those old trump leftumovers, most of them have been able to find jobs with, you guessed it, good old Fox alternative news.  Oh my, those 70 million trump voters (actually, it appears that it’s more like 50, or so, million  now, quite a few were put off by the bloody attack on the Capitol) will be fed even more big fibs.  What a shame those poor souls don’t switch channels once in a while, to at least see what other reporters are saying!  Of course, none of the tv “news” is really “unbiased,” but as long as the trumpsters only watch old fox, trying to reunite them with the rest of us will be a nearly impossible task.

Unfortunately, your assessment is accurate, Bus, and those crazy old Dumicrats aren’t making it any easier.  They’re insisting on going through with the goofy impeachment process when there are so many other things much more important to the country.  I’m reasonable certain that his creditors and the State of New York, etc. will take good care of Mr. Rump.  If he can survive all the trouble he is in, he will not only be the finest con artist ever, but also an escape artist out-shining old Harry Houdini!  I think we can be confident that Mr. Rump will not surface again, and if President Biden can control those blood-thirsty Dumicrats, he can just get on with extricating us from all the misery left by the Rump Administration!

Gotcha, pap, and he won’t have to just take the excellent ideas from my old blog #162, from back in 2018, he can just reinstate the many reforms enacted during and after the Great Depression, circa 1933 thru 1939.  Those laws were designed to restrict the excessive greed culture which grew during the heady days of the 20’s, and included the limits on the amount of interest banks could charge on loans.  Those wonderful rules instituted what were called Usury limits on the interest charges banks could  charge people for borrowing money.  Those rascals could be put in jail if they charged more than 6%, can you believe that!?  So, pappy, how about if we just encourage our new Prez & VP to get the old Dumicrats to revive old FDR’s New Deal?

Excellent Idea, Bus, and we’ll remind them of some great things they can do, SOON to revive our economy and get us back to work and sharing the wealth equitably!


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