Buster’s Blog Beyond #78 – First Things, First, NOW! – 1 February 2021

Good Grief, pappy, it sure seems as though the old Pols, and even tv “stars” think they can “grow into” real jobs.  Maybe not?  I agree that the top priority must be stopping the Trumpian Plague, and reversing the Rump Exec Orders needed to be done ASAP, but Unca Joe (yeah, I’m not sure he’s “grown” quite enough yet) is pushing those easy Presidential Executive Directives a bit much now.  He’s got a majority in both houses, so he should get good laws passed quickly as with the fickle nature of our electorate, the situation could change rapidly.

Buster, as always, you are right as rain!  Old FDR’s New Deal needs to be reinstated to preclude the bankers and other thieves from continuing to prey on our tv brainwashed populace.  Plus, while the aid package Joe has promised to push through, despite the Repulsican’s stupid opposition, will help a lot, he needs to do a WPA type program to get everyone to work as soon as possible.  After the Great Depression the govamint put folks to work on all sorts of needs with the Works Progress Administration.  Now, this type plan can be used to fix our deteriorated infrastructure, getting us all back to work quickly.

That’s true, pap, and it can be done economically, not allowing the lobbyists to talk the old Pols into funding a big corporate boondoggle.  Unca Joe and Kamala can figure it out, they just gotta keep their feckless old Dumicrats in line.  Wow, just remembered a lil trick Unc and Kamala can pull to get the attention of the “still with trumpers”, as well as help all the other folks out in the boonies and in the inner cities.  The bankers, bless their mean old hearts, don’t bother much with these people, and when they do, they rob them blind.  #1- Get rid of PostMaster Louie DeJoy(less), the goofball who Rump installed to stop mail-in voting.  He’s done a bunch of harm to our previously excellent postal service.  #2- Make our post offices into mini-banks to serve these forgotten and mistreated people.  #3 – Enact a new “Usury” law, making 8% interest the maximum that can be charged to loan money!  While at it, make the banks pay 3% to depositors!

Dang, Bus, I think we’ve got it!  Plus, ya know what?  All these revivals of the old “New Deal” can be done without adding a penny to our horrible national debt.  The “can be” intrepid Dumicrats just need to eliminate all the “loopyholes” in our tax laws (come on Nancy and Chuck, you’re old enough to say “Get Lost, lobbyists.”).  Then fund the IRS properly, and let those good agents get out and collect the Trillions of Dollars of now unpaid taxes!  Perhaps one of the dumbest things old Rump’s “financial” advisors ever did was to cut back the funding of the agency assigned to bring in the revenues!  When thinking about dumb and awful things the Rump gang did, the list goes on and on to infinity.  Our nastiest and most ignorant president darned near done us in, but we’re coming back.  Just gotta help Unca Joe and Kamala, and those old Dumicrats!

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