Buster’s Blog Beyond #79 – Political Malaise in our good old USofA – 8 February 2021

Good grief, pappy, we only got 2 pol parties, and one, the Dumicrats, barely in charge, are wondering what to do, while the other, those crafty Repulsicans have gone berserk!  Remember, about 10 years ago, when we renamed them Republicrats and Demoblicans because we couldn’t find a farthing’s worth of difference, and, of course, more recently when the “conservatives” were “trumped,” we adopted the current very descriptive terms which your amazingly astute former co-worker thought of and authorized us to use. Some Repulsicans, thinking, “Oh, woe is us,” wanted to save the Grand Old Party, but finally chickened out and returned to the old Rump’s alternate reality.  What a shame!

True that, Bus, it seems as if we are now governing by chance, but it’s still a huge improvement over the wanna-be dictator.

CNN Breaking News (every 20 minutes for days):  Prez Biden:  “no need for Trump to get intel briefings, citing his erratic behavior.”   Please enlighten us, why would we be giving a known traitor “intel briefings” in the first place.  Does anyone know?

To you confused Repulsicans – Just what are you “conservatives” conserving?  You let the Rump run up the national debt by $7.8 Trillion in 4 short years, and are “leaving cash on the table” like a drunken poker player by dang near ruining the IRS (in case you’ve forgotten, they’re the guys who’s job is to collect our revenues!  So, if you really want to be the party of “conservatism” (a concept which could be useful to an extent in our consumption crazed society), you need to finally cut that 320 pound boil off your butt, and suck up your courage to find real conservative voters to replace those conned old Rump fans.

To you feisty Dumicrats – OK, you’re getting the “hand-outs” taken care of, now as we stated in our Blog #78 – First things first, NOW!  you and old Unca Joe need to move quickly to: 1. “WPA” the infrastructure to get us all working really soon, and 2.  Throttle those big banks, bringing back the Usury laws, and using the Postal Service (after dismissing Mr DeJoy-less) to provide affordable banking services to our underserved rural areas and inner cities.

A “better late than never?” note: Fox (alternative) News drops “Lou Dobbs Tonight”  (cheers for the vote machine company suing Fox for $2.7B because of Lou’s lies and those of their other “reporters” trying to help Rump change the election)

A “do we really need this tv drama?” note;  Well, pappy, it would appear that good old Nancy is going to get her chance to “squeeze” the old fool.  The stage is all set for the “trial of the century,” but it sure looks like the old con man is going to “take the Fifth”

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