Buster’s Blog Beyond #80 – “The Trial” – 14 February 2021

Yikes, pappy. that was some grand tv theatre, for those with the intestinal fortitude to watch it.  Obviously not for the faint of heart, the show began with a full length rerun of all the tv footage from the last month of the January 6th insurrection, with prez Rump cheering on the crazies.  Only someone who had been living on Mars, or watching Fox alternative “news” could not have seen and understood our illustrious leader’s sick role in this preposterous attack on our democracy.

Well put, Buster, lad, but the old fool’s “defense” team followed with possibly the most ludicrous arguments ever concocted for use in a court of law.  I heard from our friend that the PBS team summarily dismissed their long-winded, but empty “defense.”

Holy Guacamole, pap, Tuesday was just the prelude, next. our good man from Charm City, Jamie Raskin, led the prosecution on a two day rampage through every vid they could find that could link old Rump to the attack.  Must say, they didn’t leave a single stone unturned.  They did a magnificent job, pap, leaving the poor defense team only one option-the insanity defense, and, obviously, acquittal is a given, but he’d need to be referred to a mental health facility, where, unfortunately, he would be able to find more recruits.  Get this though, pappy, my amazing artist believes the whole bloody affair could be the perfect basis for a new horror movie, perhaps titled, “Four More Years of Rump Tweets from his hospital bed.”

Beautiful, Bus, tomorrow we’ll see how creative the defensive team will be in spinning the facts into excruciating fibs.  Oops, that was quick, finished a “leaky” case, worse than the one mounted to stop old Tom from winning his 7th ring, with time left for the “Jury” to issue a couple questions to each side.   Somehow, a bombshell dropped by Minority leader, McCarthy, about arguing with Trump to stop the riot, but Trump merely telling him, “These guys are more concerned about the election than you are.” and refusing to try to stop his loons, sank to the floor.

Yep, then, the “World’s Greatest Deliberative Body,” without much further ado, acquitted the treasonous old madman.  Ya know, pappy, only 7 repulsican Senators joined all the Dumicrats and Independents to hold the rascal accountable.  Such a sad ending to dear old Nancy’s plan to “keep our presidents subject to the law.  Obviously, our good old “Founding Fathers” weren’t able to foresee every problem with their well worded Constitution and following Amendments.

Note:  Minutes after the “Trial,” the Remorseful old Traitor is quoted as saying, “yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country.”  Ominously, he continued, “Our movement has only just begun.”

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  1. A sad, but not surprising conclusion to the saddest chapter of American history in my lifetime. I’m glad they were forced to watch the obvious case against the orange one and to cast their ridiculous votes publicly for history. We can only hope they’ll be forced to regret it.


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