Buster’s Blog # 81- Our Brave New World – We Hope – 16 February 2021

A note to Unca Joe and Kamala:  We’re with ya 100%, but service in the “World’s Greatest Deliberative Body,” even Unc’s “hunderd years” doesn’t mean your thinking shouldn’t be reexamined at times (look what happened at the “Trial”).

Me and Old pap will try to help you guys, but first, listen to your own troops, your old Dumicrats are not all aboard the Minimum Wage hike, so, pull it from the “Relief” bill, and bring it back with some adjustments for individual states, real soon!

Now, “Infrastructure, everybody talks about it, but nobody does anything,” we even heard that it was a joke in the Rump WH, on days when he was brooding and tweeting!

So, here’s the plan: Get the Army Corps of Engineers (mercy, we heard they even have campgrounds all over for your RV trips) to do the supervising, hopefully they still remember how to build bridges, roads and stuff, and put the unemployed in every state to work on this perennial problem!

You named #1, right there, Bus, It won’t cost an arm and leg, either, if you keep the big Corporations out of it.  Unca Joe, can you still remember how to say, “NO” to the dear old Lobbyists?  It will cost a few bucks, but that’s easily handled by rebuilding the old IRS so it can collect the $Billions in unpaid taxes laying out there.  What a stupid idea from the Rump’s clowns, Defund the guys who are supposed to collect your revenues!

Yeah, pap, not to be pushy, but while yer at it, Kamala, maybe you can spearhead this one: Re-regulate those cheerful old bankers.  Those rascals are ripping off everyone; we allow them to hold our cash while paying no interest, and then lend it back to us for 29.9%.  This is thievery in broad daylight, and it’s worst in rural areas and inner cities!

Here’s a solution: Bring back the old Usury Law, and set 8% as the highest rate that can be charged, as well as mandating that banks pay at least 3% interest on deposits.  Then, let the Post Office add minor banking services to it’s role!

Ya know, Bus, these changes will go a long way in convincing those poor old Rump supporters out in the boonies that the govamint is their friend, not their enemy (well, we can hope so).  Plus, they will help many, many of our people to escape the ravages of unmanageable debt loads, and the ever-growing wealth inequality problem in our good old USofA.

Off you go, Unc and Kamala, and Bonne Chance!

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