Buster’s Blog Beyond #83 – A lil overdue recap – 30 April 2021

This long blog could also be titled: “Amurica, the Beautiful’

Gosh, pappy, old sock, I realize your arthritic old fingers ain’t as limber as they once were, but we have lots of young friends and grandmonsters/great-grandmonsters who haven’t been on old Mother Earth to have experienced all the good (and less good) stuff which you and I have seen.  So, I’m thimkin’ we need to kinda summarize some of the thoughts we’ve mentioned before, as well as a couple more urgings for old Unca Joe!

I guess the first thing to explain is our latest monikers for the two political parties, which BTW could benefit from a bit of competition…not necessarily quite as much as many of our European friends and others have, but still, enough to get them up on their toes, at least once in a while.  Yep, methinks Dumicrats and Repulsicans are perfectly descriptive names.  Of course, we didn’t thimk them up all by ourselves; that was your co-worker from the olden days who is now happily living down in the place where there’s no finer, called caroliner.  Anyway, since that young lady named them, the Repulsicans have only gotten worse, with the unfortunate addition of one, T. Rump (a disaster constantly going somewhere to happen).  Plus, the Dumicrats are also living right up to snuff, as they finally got the Rump out of the white house, and managed a very slim margin in the congress, but with “slick” old Unca Joe at the helm, are trying very hard to gift the Repulsicans the lead again.  Ho, boy, talk about a bloody mess, as the Brits might say!

Anywho, mentioning those hoary old Brits, reminds me of our earlier explanation of white supremacy.  The goofy and nasty young punks who now tout their “anglo-saxon” heritage, of course, have zero knowledge of what they speak.  Unbeknownst to these imbecilic T. Rump lovers, those so called white guys were just the fools who wandered out of Africa, lost their tans up north, and found that they had traded a life of  

easy living and abundant food for a cold, hardscrabble existence of scarcity and sometimes famine.  Naturally their progeny have been a less happy, and mistrusting lot.  The perfect group to fall prey to the anti-establishment bunk promoted by our insane former president, feeling they are being replaced by those they imagine to be intruders.

Well, you are correct, Buster, lad, and then, those same disgruntled rascals found the Americas, which they thought were on the other side of old Mom Earth, and called the inhabitants Indians, thinking they’d found Inja’s sunny clime!  If they’d just been stupid and ignorant, it might not have been so bad, but, as you noted, they were down-right nasty as well, and wound up killing off and enslaving the indigenous peoples.  I imagine they would have liked to take over the entire continent, but the French Canadians were a big discouragement to the north, so after killing off quite a few Mexicans, they settled for what they were to eventually call our good old USofA.  Not a particularly pretty story!

Yes, pap, and it only gets worse from there.  Mostly for the southern colonies where agriculture was relatively easy, they decided to import slave labor from Africa.  The first slaves were introduced to North America in about 1619 in Virginia.  From there on, the extremely cheap labor was brought here and used all over the south, and to a much lesser degree, in the north, as well.  A couple of hundred years later, slaves made up nearly half the population of the south, but in the north which began manufacturing products, rather than just “growing” them as in the south, trade policies with other nations became a point of contention.  Also, abolitionist movements appeared, mostly up north.  I won’t speculate on all the reasons for that bit of enlightenment, but I suspect that the different economic and trade realities had something to do with it, as well as the eventual major disagreements which led to the Civil War.

I think you’re correct, Bus, it was actually well into the bloodiest conflict our country has ever seen, when the President Lincoln leaned toward calling it an effort to end slavery.  When he issued the Emancipation Proclamation, it only “freed” the slaves in the rebellious southern states, not in the north.  It wasn’t until the war ended that the 13th Amendment to the Constitution became law, and slavery was made illegal in all parts of the country.  

The war was so horrible, it left terrible wounds in the south, and President Lincoln was wise enough to realize that a powerful effort would need to be made to try to reconcile the ugly scars to the vanquished southland.  Then, of course, he was assassinated, and the south was further marred by “carpet baggers” and other ner-do-wells from the north.  The wounds were never healed, and the hatred for northerners continues to the present day in some places.  The slaves were “legally” free then, but were left in worse circumstances than before, not necessarily because their former “owners” wanted revenge, but with the economic hardships following the war, hunger and misery were prevalent throughout the southern states.

Ya know, pappy, prejudices have probably been around as long as human beans crawled out of the water, and looked around.  Seeing critters a little different from themselves, they must have thought, “that thing don’t look trustworthy.”  Then, when more and more humans took form, the earlier ones must have thought the same thing, and i’d imagine that process took place over and over, again, until they began to form groups, and then the groups figured the same thing about other groups.  Yikes, along came some slicksters, saying, “wait a minute!”  All these people can’t have just happened, somebody must have “created” them, and before ya knew it, religions were born, along with Gods to be in charge.  Now, sure enough, the old sharpies each wanted their God and religion to be #1, so they began telling their followers not to trust the other guys.  Eureka, organized prejudice was with us!

Here, in our good old USofA, which started out with those swell “anglo-saxons,” not being satisfied with plain old prejudice, but killing off most of the current occupants, racial prejudice fired up again when the Africans were brought in as slaves.  Over the years, after the civil war, and with the advent of military conscription for all males, the opportunity became present for massive mixing of the races, but until the mid-20th Century, the military remained segregated.

Buster, laddie, you are a master at the brief summarization of a long, drawn-out process, and you’ve brought us to the point when your old pappy was fortunate enough to be a member of the newly integrated military.  For the first time in his life, he met many men of “other races”, and found that they were no different from himself!  I think we need to stop for a minute to recall our earlier discussion regarding the “origin” of so-called “white” people.  Having wandered out of Africa way back then, they were all part of the “one race,” the human race!  So, of course, the concept that there are more than one “race” is pure bunk!

Now, logic has never been much of an obstacle to the thinking of many of us good old Amuricans, so we have entertained this notion of various “races” ever since we were proud “anglo-saxons!”  Racial prejudice has never really subsided in much of our population.  It, along with religious prejudice, are apparently somehow “comforting” to those individuals who harbor them. Consequently, eliminating, or just reducing the prevalence of especially racial prejudice has been an extremely slow process here.  We were, however, actually making some progress until in 2016, when the most despicable creature ever to slither across the face of the earth, one Donald John T. Rump, was elected to the Presidency of these United States of America.

Yes, pap, that was certainly a very sad happening!  He was defeated in the 2020 election, but denies that fact, and is still lurking around in the shadows like a snake in the grass.  Of course, I’m only an old hound doggie, now residing up in the GDP (the great doggie park in the sky), but I don’t know for a fact if Mr. Rump is actually a “racist,” but his followers, with a few possible exceptions, surely are what most would describe as “racists.”  At any rate, Mr. Rump regularly encouraged devision and hatred among our citizens and residents, and empowered radical anti-government groups around the country.  The old con man grabbed the 2nd Amendment to ingratiate himself with the gun nuts, many of whom are part of the whacko “white supremacist” crowd. Naturally, he then encouraged them to buy arms as though they were going out of style.  In a defensive move, the more reasonable lads also began purchasing more guns, so now the country is loaded with more weapons and ammunition than the military probably acquired during both world wars.  The place is a virtual powder keg!  

You’re absolutely correct, Buster, and we can only hope that old Unca Joe doesn’t act out the worst of the Dumicrat usual modus operandi, handing the Presidency back to this dastardly fellow. That old fool back in charge could unleash a series of events making the January 6th insurrection look like a garden party.  Bus, you and I have just got to get to the president’s advisors to get them to back him off the “tax and spend” merry-go-round he’s proposing with the big corporate boondoggle infrastructure plan, and, instead, use your more reasonable approach.

In the meantime, the unstable (physically and mentally) Rump man has stirred up the “white” supremacists to a bloody lather, with his encouragement of hatred of Mexicans and the Chinese.  He’s got his followers committing “hate” crimes against Central and South Americans and Asian Americans across our old USofA.  Plus, his bunk about being the Law and Order candidate, and his praise for “strong” police action has only increased the already prevalent targeting of Blacks in traffic stops and other nefarious harassments.  The progress we were making as a society in accepting “others” has been halted and even reversed to some degree by the actions and speech of this “human trash barrel” as one of our friends calls him.

Indeed, pappy, our progress of realizing the lofty goals mentioned by our “founding fathers” sure took a hit with the Rump Administration.  As we’ve noted often, those fellows really didn’t mean for the benefits of citizenship in the new country to apply to other than their own social stratum. and it’s taken almost 250 years to get to the modest improvement achieved before the Rump Disaster.  Shucks, it was only in 1920 that they recognized women as full voting citizens, and those crafty Repulsicans are trying to pass state laws to restrict voting for those they think will not vote for them.  

Ho, Boy, Bus, our track record as a society leaves a bit to be desired, doesn’t it?  Against all odds though, the 12 jurors in the Derek Chauvin trial found the Ex-police officer guilty of murdering George Floyd.  To tell ya the truth, I haven’t been able to determine if this is the first time an officer has been tried and found guilty of murdering  a Black person.  One thing’s for sure, though, “persons of color,” as the media prefer to call them, continue to be killed by police every day.  There are efforts to rein in this misuse of power, but they are not being pursued as they should be. Again, we need to convince the President to prioritize our domestic troubles instead of such  things as declaring the killings of Armenians in 1915, a genocide.  Come on, Unca Joe, we’re killing our citizens now, here in 2021, but we haven’t heard much from you on this disaster. Now, don’t misunderstand, please.  We both feel that Prez Biden has done a fine job of helping persons hurt by the Plague, empathizing with them, and getting the Vaxxing program going, but he’s got to get after the multitude of other “issue!”  BTW:  We also haven’t heard from you or anyone at the White House about our letter which was mailed in mid-March.  Could Mr. DeJoy(less) still not have delivered it?  We really wish you would consider the plan to use the Army Corps of Engineers to manage the infrastructure work, utilizing local businesses which are still hurting from the Trumpian Plague!  The Repulsicans are loving you for your poor judgement in how to get the infrastructure job done and how to pay for it!  This proposed waste of Two Trillion bucks is just what they need to win in ’22!

Thank goodness for old Joe Manchin of West (by gawd) Virginia, hopefully he can back ole Joe off of his worst impulses on spending and taxes.

I hear ya, pappy, and I sure wish we could leave this lil summation on a happier note.  However, those 12 jurors who gave us so much hope, are not these hapless politicians we call Dumicrats!  So, while there are glimmers of hope here and there, we still got a long way to go!  The Repulsicans were trying to form a new caucus in the Senate aimed at promoting the “America First” bunk from the Rump dude, and would happily take us back to the 19th Century in race relations.  Those danged fools even had a platform with a stated purpose of, “the defense of America as a nation strengthened by a common respect for uniquely Ango-Saxon political traditions.” (There are those semi-sweet Anglo-Saxon rascals, again).

Howsomever, I know you and I have faith in the vast majority of folks here in our good old USofA, because we’ve met a bunch of them, to continue working toward treating everyone with dignity and respect.  Even those crazy old Repulsicans are definitely not all bad; they just got messed up with the big loon and his encouragement of the idiots who hate everyone not like themselves.  So, hopefully, with Unca Joe and Cuz Kamala’s leadership, the good guys will prevail, and we can continue on with our mission of creating a more perfect union.

Bus, I couldn’t agree with your more. Plus, this lil “summary” is running on like a bad movie.  We gotta wrap it up, but every day dear old Unca Joe pulls another booboo!  Yikes, he’s making the rest of the old Dumicrats look good, talking about spending your tax dollars as if they were going out of style.  A couple $Trillion for this, a few $Trillion for that, pretty soon you’re talking big money…it sounds like old Ev Dirksen, 50 years ago, only he was  speaking of $Billions, not $Trillions!  Holy Guacamole, we can only hope ole Joe wakes up and sends the lobbyists packing before we lose the congress and presidency again.

Happy May Day, y’all.

PS: If any of our friends brave enough to try slugging through this whole Blog see glaring inaccuracies, please let us know, so corrections can be made. Thank You!

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